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The 85 Cutest Puppies to Brighten Your Day (Pics + Videos)


Looking for the cutest puppies to cheer you up? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got pictures and videos of puppies doing all sorts of adorable things. Find cute puppies indoors, cute puppies outdoors, puppies with other puppies, puppies with other baby animals, puppies with babies, funny puppies, and sleeping puppies. Try to make it through this collection of puppy pictures without saying awwwww. I dare you!


What Kind of Cuteness Are You Looking For?



Cute Puppies Indoors

#1: This adorable yawner.


Flickr/Ted Fu



#2: This pup getting a bath.





#3: This teeny destructor.





#4: This pup who likes shoes.




#5: This escape artist.





#6: This little Frenchie.





#7: This cutie who is trying to eat his way to safety.





#8: This pup who wants to stay in bed all day.





#9: This pup in a cup.





Cute Puppies Outdoors

#10: Another pup in a cup!




#11: This precious Dalmatian pup.





#12: This unusually cuddly White Walker (look at those eyes).





#13: This Corgi jumping into the water.



#14: This little Bulldog pup struggling to climb a step.





#15: This Golden Retriever who doesn’t yet know what to do with a dog bowl.




#16: This curious Dachshund pup.





#17: This pup who is ready to roll.





#18: This pup enjoying the pool.





#19: This teeny pup who is happy just lying in the grass.





#20: This little one that doesn’t let snow get in her way.





Cute Puppies With Other Puppies

#21: These pups who are rather fond of one another.





#22: These three siblings who fit in a shoebox.




#23: These Bernese Mountain puppies who like to fight.





#24: These Labrador pups who are full of energy.



#25: Golden Retriever kisses.





#26: These little adventurers.





#27: These huggers.





#28: These teeny Chihuahuas.





#29: These pups who are getting a lift from momma.





#30: These pups who think they're human.





#31: These Golden Retriever pups playing with ice cubes.



#32: These pups that are secretly mini-polar bears.





Cute Puppies With Other Animals

#33: This Corgi with a bird on its head.





#34: These puppies meeting kittens.



#35: This pup with its chimpanzee pal.





#36: This Corgi who is slightly terrified.





#37: This Chihuahua pup who think she’s a goat.



#38: This pup with ducks.





#39: This Shiba who doesn't like his new cat friend.





#40: This pup and baby cheetah who cuddle.



#41: This pup who is a little afraid of cats.





#42: This puppy and kitty snuggle sesh.





#43: This cat who is outnumbered:



#44: This pup meeting a pony.





#45: This puppy kissing a bunny.





#46: This Labrador pup who doesn’t seem very interested in the snow Bengal kitten.



#47: This pup and bunny who are ignoring each other.





Adorable Puppies With Babies

#48: This pup who is excited to meet her new sis.



#49: This Golden pup who is quite smitten with his new pal.



#50: This pup who is helping his friend get cleaned.





#51: This baby loves his cuddle buddies.





#52: These pugs and their pal.





#53: This Shorkie pup and baby who like to play fight.



#54: This pup who wants to kiss his baby friend.



#55: This baby laughing at his Boxer puppy.



#56: This not so great guard dog.



#57: These kissing buddies.





#58: This Labradoodle who takes a kick to the face.





Funny Dogs

#59: This not-so-coordinated pug.





#60: This motorcycle pup.





#61: This Pitbull pup who likes cheese whiz.





#62: This Corgi cautiously exploring new household items.



#63: This Bernese Mountain dog puppy who really hates lemons.



#64: This little shopper.





#65: These pups who get caught in toast.





#66: This Golden Retriever pup who gets caught.





#67: This Corgi in a raincoat.





#68: This Golden pup who fights a mirror.



#69: This pup who thinks he's a baby.





#70: This pup who hates vacuums.





#71: This pup who gets a ride.





#72: This Golden Retriever who is stuck.





#73: This pup riding a bike.



#74: This Bulldog riding a roomba.



Sleeping Puppies

#75: Nap time!





#76: This one who just can’t open his eyes.




#77: This pup who plays dead really well.





#78: Not quite 101 Dalmatians.





#79: This pup who needed an afternoon nap.




#80: This cuddling family.





#81: This festive sleeper.




#82: These sleeping Shiba Inu pups.



#83: This one who can fall asleep anywhere.





#84: This sleepy bunch.





#85: This teeny fellow who is smaller than a hand.



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