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Complete List of Performing Arts Colleges in New York

Posted by Dora Seigel | Sep 13, 2015 10:00:00 AM

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If you are hoping to attend a performing arts college in New York state or New York City, this article will get you one step closer to that goal. I have compiled a comprehensive list of the over 70 universities and conservatory programs in New York that offer performing arts degrees (Bachelor’s or higher). I have also chosen the top 3 performing arts schools in New York. 

How should you use this list?

This list should be a starting point for your research into finding the right performing arts college for youIf you need assistance figuring out What College Should You Go To? How to Choose a College, click the link to another PrepScholar article. When deciding on a performing arts college, you should consider at a minimum:

  • Are you looking for a conservatory or a program at a four-year university with other non-art related majors?
  • Do you want to be in a New York City or a smaller town?
  • Do you want a large program or a smaller program?
  • Are you interested in attending a certain type of religious college?
  • What kind of degree do you want? BA, BM or BFA? MA or MFA?
  • How much money do you want to spend on your degree? Can you get financial aid at the school?

In this article, I list every school in alphabetical order. Each school offers different performing arts degrees and different curriculums for the same type of degree, so I encourage you to click on the links to each school to figure out if their program is right for you.

List of Performing Arts School in California in Alphabetical Order


Top 3 Performing Arts Colleges in New York

The Juilliard School



Location: New York, NY
Tuition for Academic Year: $39,720
Degrees offered: 



New York University 


Location: New York, NY
Tuition for Academic Year: $49,962
Degrees offered: 


  • Consistently ranked in the top 5 drama schools in the country, according to The Hollywood Reporter, as well as the top 10 music schools in the world
  • Conservatory-style training, but at a four-year university, providing you with a small artistic community as well as a large university experience. 
  • Located in New York City, NYU has integrated itself with New York's existing artistic community (for instance, at Tisch in the Drama Program, students attend existing New York acting studios for their specialized classes). 
  • Decently competitive admission process, with a 35% admission rate overall for NYU. Each program has a slightly lower acceptance rate, but it varies by program. 
  • Arguably has the most notable alumni of any performing arts school in the country including Elmer Bernstein, Alan Menken, Andy Samberg, Felicity Huffman, Alec Baldwin, Idina Menzel. 


Manhattan School of Music 


Location: New York, NY
Tuition for Academic Year:  $42,000
Degrees offered: 



What’s next?

Learn more about acing the SAT and ACT to help you get into a performing arts college:

If you are interested in looking for performing arts colleges in other locations:

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