Sagittarius Moon Sign: What Does It Mean?


Are you doing a deep dive into astrology and begun studying moon signs? Have you learned that you're a moon in Sagittarius woman or moon in Sagittarius man? Sun signs usually get all the attention, but moon signs can help you learn about the more hidden, private sides of your personality. 

Read this guide to learn all about what moon signs are in astrology and how you can find your own moon sign. We'll then focus specifically on Sagittarius moon traits and explain how your moon sign affects everything from how you feel about yourself to what you're most afraid of. We end with an overview of the personality traits of a Sagittarius moon with each of the 12 sun astrology signs.


What Are the Astrology Moon Signs?

What do we mean when we talk about moon signs? Even some astrology experts don't know that much about moon signs because they're much less discussed than sun signs. You can determine your sun sign based on your birth date; sun signs (also known as star signs) are generally just referred to as "signs." So, if you were born on, say, June 5th, then your sun sign is Gemini and you'll likely tell people you're a Gemini when asked about your sign. Each sun sign lasts about a month, although the months don't match up perfectly with the standard Gregorian calendar that most of the world uses. 

Moon signs (sometimes called natal moon signs) are a bit more complicated. They refer to the position that the moon was at in the sky at the time of your birth. Compared to the sun, which passes through each of the zodiac signs once a year, the moon moves more quickly and passes through each zodiac sign once a month. This means that the moon moves into a different zodiac sign about every 2 to 2.5 days. Therefore, to know your moon sign with full confidence, you need to know the exact time of your birth (although knowing just morning/afternoon/evening can work in a pinch) as well as your city of birth. The moon can be in one position in the morning and move to another position that puts it into a different sign by the evening. Once you have this information, you can learn your zodiac moon sign here.

If you have a Sagittarius moon sign, this means that, at the moment of your birth, the moon was in the Sagittarius position. Your moon sign can influence quite a bit about your personality, even though they aren't nearly as widely discussed as sun signs.

Knowing your moon sign will help you learn more about your inner self. While your sun sign affects how you appear to others and what you aspire to be (such as your personality, how you interact with groups, your future goals, etc.) your moon sign tells you more about internal, private characteristics. You can study it to learn more about your emotional energy, natural instincts, common anxieties, hidden fears, and what you need to feel secure in the world. Your moon sign will influence how you interact with others (especially in close relationships), how you view the world, and how you feel about yourself.




Sagittarius Moon Traits

What does having a Sagittarius moon sign mean for your personality? If your moon sign is Sagittarius, it means you also have Sagittarius qualities in addition to the qualities your sun sign gives you. You can learn all about the Sagittarius sign here, but in this section, we'll specifically discuss how having a full moon in Sagittarius sign will impact you, as opposed to a Sagittarius sun sign. As we mentioned above, moon signs primarily impact the inner, private self, as well as close relationships.


Sagittarius Moon Sign: How You View Yourself

Your moon sign has a significant impact on how you think of yourself and, if you have a Sagittarius moon sign, you generally like yourself a lot (perhaps even a little too much, as Sags are known to be a bit arrogant at times). Having a Sagittarian moon sign means you're well aware of your positive traits, and you're confident that you have what it takes to take on the world and generally succeed in life. In contrast to many other moon signs, the issue with having a Sagittarian moon isn't self doubt, but rather thinking that you can do anything, even when something is beyond your skills or just plain unsafe.

People with Sagittarian moon signs can think so highly of themselves that they engage in reckless behavior, especially if their sun sign is also known for impulsive/questionable decisions. But as long as you can keep those tendencies in check, your high opinion of yourself is generally well deserved. 


Sagittarius Moon Sign: Fears

The biggest fear of a Sagittarius moon sign is loss of control. Sagittarians highly value their independence, and anything that seems like it will rob them of the freedom to make their own decisions is enough to make them panicky. And if your moon sign is Sagittarius, you likely see a loss of control in a lot of situations: long-term relationships, debt, an uninspiring job, etc. Even signing an apartment lease can be enough to make your hands sweaty. Because Sagittarius is your moon sign, rather than your sun sign, you may be able to hide this fear from others a lot of the time, but when you get close to someone and they realize you struggle with the idea of giving up your independence, it can cause problems if you don't work to overcome this tricky trait from your moon sign.


Sagittarius Moon Sign: Comforts

Sagittarians crave novelty, and it's actually what they turn to when they need a pick-me-up, rather than a favorite show or an indulgent meal. With a Sagittarius moon, you are happiest when life is exciting, and if you're getting an adrenaline rush, that's even better. However, Sagittarius moon signs must feel in control in order to truly be comforted, so you'll want to be the one calling the shots for whatever crazy plans people decide on. An activity that gets your blood pumping and allows you to be in the driver's seat (literally or figuratively) is exactly how Sagittarius moons prefer to center themselves.


Sagittarius Moon Sign: How You View Close Relationships

Relationships for a Sagittarius moon sign can be tough. Not because people don't want to get close to you, though! With their wit, sense of humor, and roster of thrilling adventures, Sagittarians are very popular with others. A Sagittarius moon sign will add a bit of charisma to even the most uptight and reserved sun signs. The problem comes from one of the most common Sagittarius moon traits: difficulty committing.

Having a Sagittarius moon sign means that you often see close relationships (particularly romantic ones) as smothering. Instead, you prefer a wide circle of acquaintances for whom you never feel the need to make compromises: if one of them is unhappy with your choices, you'll just jump to the next person. If your sun sign is known for loyalty, you can often overcome this fear of commitment, but, whatever your sun sign is, prepare yourself for nervousness when things start to get serious with someone else. It's just how Sagittarius moon signs are.




Sun Pairings With Sagittarius Moon Sign

If you've ever felt that certain characteristics of your sun sign don't fit your personality, it might be because you're not taking your moon sign into account. Your sun sign usually dominates your personality, but moon signs also influence who you are. Below are brief personality overviews of each sun sign paired with a Sagittarius moon. So, if you were born on September 1st and learned there was a moon in Sagittarius during your birth, you'd look at Virgo Sun + Sagittarius Moon sign to see what the pairing says about you.


Aries Sun + Sagittarius Moon

The Sagittarius and Aries signs are very similar, so there won't be a lot of inner conflict in someone with this sun/moon pairing. Both signs are adventurous, independent, and optimistic, so Aries suns with a Sagittarius moon will often love themselves and love life in general. However, because neither their sun nor moon signs are known for really stopping to think through decisions, they can sometimes get into trouble. (Additionally, this sign is known for being very bossy at times.)


Gemini Sun + Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius and Gemini share a lot of similarities, for better or for worse. This sun/moon pairing often results in people who are very smart, very averse to close relationships, and quite reckless. People really like both Sagittarians and Geminis, but neither sign is great at letting others get close. Combined with their "devil may care" attitude, A Gemini sun with a Sagittarius moon can end up lonely rebels if they don't pause to take stock of how they want their life to go and who they want to share it with.


Taurus Sun + Sagittarius Moon

Taureans are known for being loyal, steady, and methodical, which is very different from fiery, free-spirited Sagittarians. However, this sun/moon pairing often works out well. The Sagittarius moon adds some fire to the often set-in-their-way Taurus, creating a Taurus who is now more willing to shake up their routine and try something new and exciting.


Cancer Sun + Sagittarius Moon

This is a strong sun/moon pairing. Cancers are loyal and honest, but they can suffer from pessimism and generally getting stuck in ruts. Having a Sagittarius moon adds some free-spirit, rose-colored glasses energy to the otherwise staid Cancers, which is often just what they need to be just a bit happier and more successful in the world. 


Leo Sun + Sagittarius Moon

This sun/moon pairing can go a lot of ways. Leos are fearless, natural leaders and Sagittarians are intelligent lovers of freedom. Both signs are very popular with others, so someone with this pairing will attract a lot of friends. However, while they may seem brilliant and exciting at first, there is a downside. Leos especially can be overbearing when trying to get their way, and the Sagittarian tendency for being reckless means these people can sometimes make quite bad decisions without anyone to hold them in check.


Virgo Sun + Sagittarius Moon

Virgos are the overlooked pinch hitters of the zodiac: they're reliable, smart and hardworking, and you can trust them to get things done, even if they don't have a lot of fun while doing it. However, you know what they say about all work and no play...Fortunately, when a Virgo has a Sagittarius moon, they get just enough of a devil-may-care jolt to their personality to make them willing to leave the office early and let loose (every now and then).


Libra Sun + Sagittarius Moon

A person with this sun/moon pairing can have a lot of fun, as well as a lot of problems. The combination of Libra and Sagittarius signs results in a lot of intelligence and natural curiosity about the world. These people are generally lifelong learners, always looking to expand their knowledge. However, both signs are also often commitment-phobic, so they may jump from relationship to relationship, full of natural charisma but never able to make things stick with one person.


Scorpio Sun + Sagittarius Moon

It's hard to find two signs more different from each other than Scorpio and Sagittarius. Scorpios are extremely loyal and can be overwhelmed by their feelings (particularly negative ones), while Sagittarians are generally pretty happy but hate being tied down. Put together, a Scorpio sun + Sagittarius moon may get the best of both signs' traits and find balance, or they may have a lot of inner conflict because their sun and moon signs are so different.


Sagittarius Sun + Sagittarius Moon

A double Sagittarius pairing means that all the Sag traits will be heightened in people with this sun/moon combination. This means they'll have all the good Sagittarius traits in spades: intelligence, honesty, a sense of humor, etc. but they'll also have large doses of the negative traits, such as recklessness and trouble committing. These people will often be very secure in themselves since there is no sun/moon conflict, but they can benefit from a trusted friend being honest about when their negative traits become too much.


Capricorn Sun + Sagittarius Moon

While Capricorns and Sagittarians generally don't get along all that well in real life, a person with a Capricorn sun + Sagittarius moon often gets the best of both signs. Capricorns are smart, responsible, and thoughtful, but they can come off as chilly or unapproachable, despite their best intentions. A little bit of charisma and fun from their Sagittarius moon creates a Capricorn who people both respect and love being around.


Aquarius Sun + Sagittarius Moon

Aquarians and Sagittarians get along famously, so when a person has this sun/moon combination, they often feel happy and in harmony with themself. Additionally, they'll be deeply curious about the world and love taking advantage of opportunities to learn new things and have new experiences. However, Aquarians already struggle to commit, and the addition of more free-spirited traits from a Sagittarius moon likely won't help them develop long-term relationships.


Pisces Sun + Sagittarius Moon

This sun/moon pairing can go in multiple directions. The combination of Pisces' ultra-loyal attitude and tendency towards tears with Sagittarius' happy-go-lucky, carefree ways can create a Pisces who is a little bit happier than most, or a Pisces who struggles to form long-term connections on top of everything else. No matter how the two signs mesh together though, these people are often highly creative, a gift from both their sun and moon signs.




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