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SAT High School Codes and Test Center Codes


When you register for your SAT, you have to submit codes for your high school and test center, the location where you are going to take your SAT. The codes make it easier for the College Board to keep track of the high school and test center of everyone who takes the SAT.

You want to make sure you submit the right codes, since making a mistake can result in your having to take the SAT at a random high school that's far away from where you live or sending your scores to the wrong college.

In this article, I will let you know how to look up SAT high school and test center codes and advise you how to use them properly.


How To Enter Codes During Online Registration

High School Codes

It's very easy to submit your high school code during the online registration process. All you have to do is begin typing the name of your high school and your high school should appear in a dropdown menu. Just click on the name of your school and your high school code will be automatically entered.




If the name of your school doesn't appear, you can search for your school by its zip code. Then, the name of your school will be automatically entered. 


If you click "change your school," you can search for your high school by its code, name, city, state, or zip code.



Just select your school from the search results and your high school code will be entered.


Test Center Codes

Near the end of the online registration process, you can select your test center location. You can search for test centers in your area, and then you'll be given a list of options. Just select where you want to take the test, and the test center code will be entered.


How To Look Up SAT Codes

You can also search for high school and test center codes before, during, or after the online registration process.


High School Codes

To find your high school code, you can search by country, city, state, and zip code. 



After you enter the search criteria and click search, on the left, you'll be given the school name, and on the right, you'll be given the corresponding high school code.





Test Centers

To find your test center code, you can search by your test date, country, state, and city.


When you search for test center codes, you'll be given the test center name, address, and code.




Special Situations


If you're homeschooled, your high school code is 970000.


If Your High School Code Is Not Listed

If you go to high school in the US or in a US territory and your school code is not listed, enter 000003.


If You Go to High School Outside of the US

If you go to high school in a country outside of the US, enter 000004.


Advice for Ensuring Your Codes Are Correct

If you select your high school and test center while registering, make sure the codes on your admission ticket are correct. You can double-check the codes by looking them up on the SAT website.

If you do manually enter your codes during registration, make sure you've entered the right codes and that the codes you've entered correspond with your high school and test center.


What's Next?

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