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SAT Homeschool Code for Registration


The Code

The universal SAT Home School Code, needed to register for the SAT and applicable anywhere in the USA, is 970000.

When you use this, it means that the score results will be sent directly to your home. Using this code simply indicates, for the sake of data gathering, that you are a home schooled student. Home schooled students, on average, score higher on the SAT than their public school counterparts. This code is CollegeBoard's way of tracking the results accurately. Also, the SAT compares you to the local average, but as a home schooled student, you won't provide an accurate representation of the local district scores.

However, if you want to, you can use the local high school's code as well.


When should you use your local high school's code?

You can use your local high school code as long as you have permission from the high school. This will ensure that your score gets sent and doesn't get lost being sent to your private address, if losing mail is a frequent issue for you. This could be a good option if you live in a hard to reach area.

Conversely, this could mean less privacy for you, since the high school officials would be able to view your SAT score. If that bothers you, then it might be better to use the home schooler's code and send the scores directly to your residence.

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