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10 Fun 5th Grade Math Games to Help You Learn


Looking for a fun and effective way to reinforce the math skills learned in 5th grade? Try playing a game! Games are a great way to solidify the key lessons fifth graders learn in the classroom while also having fun.

In this article, we'll talk about the key skills students learn in fifth grade, why games are so important for mastering those skills, and give you a list of 10 games you can start playing right now.


Key Math Skills Learned in 5th Grade

Fifth graders put together the skills they've learned throughout elementary school to solve complex problems using complex numbers. While they work on building their fluency for these skills, they also learn how to apply them to real-world problems about time, measurement, and money.

Most states in the United States have their own unique educational standards, but the basic fifth grade math curriculum and the skills fifth graders learn are fairly standard. Fifth graders learn:

  • How to divide whole numbers with and without remainders
  • How to make connections between decimals, fractions, and percentages
  • How to multiply and divide fractions
  • How to compute the area and volume of basic geometric shapes like rectangles and squares

Fifth graders will also start to investigate basic algebraic equations, as well as the relationship between circumference and diameter.

Each of these skills can be reinforced with games to help students master them.


How 5th Grade Math Games Can Help Master Key Skills

Games are a great way to help students learn key skills. There has been tons of research about how effective games are in helping students not only learn how to master a concept, but also have a safe space to explore and fail. Here are a few reasons why 5th grade math games should be an important part of your student's practice:

Games are a fun way to practice. Fun math games for 5th grade students help them practice needed skills in a way that feels fun, not frustrating. Students won't feel like they're wasting their time learning, they'll feel engaged and excited about their practice.

Games teach important skills. Games are a great way to introduce new skills to students. A 5th grade math game about basketball, for instance, can be a good way to get students to think about diameter or circumference before actually teaching them the skill. Likewise, once students have learned about a skill in the classroom, games can help them apply the skill in a real world setting. Aside from the educational skills students learn, games also teach students how to deal with failure, work together, and overcome obstacles.

Games form positive memories of learning. Learning math can be frustrating for a lot of kids. If they experience failure or frustration learning in the classroom, games are a great way to reclaim their sense of worth and help them actually have while learning.


5 Fun Math Games for 5th Grade You Can Play in the Classroom

There are tons of fun math games for 5th grade students that you can play in the classroom. Here are ten of the best.


#1: Multiplication/Division War

Students will build fluency with multiplication and division problems by working to figure out which student has the highest sum or product quickly. This is a great way to reinforce the basic skills students need for other 5th grade math problems.

All you need for this game is a few sets of math fact flash cards. For fifth graders, use multiplication or division cards.

Link to detailed instructions: here




#2: The Amazing Equation Game

This game helps students become more familiar with basic algebraic in a fun, competitive way. Students will learn to get comfortable with variables like letters standing in for numbers, as well as figuring out how to manipulate equations.

For this game, you'll need scrap paper and pencils for your students and white paper (or index cards) and markers to prepare the game.

Link to detailed instructions: here


#3: Percent Flash

Students will learn how to easily calculate percentages. They'll pull a card and add a "0" to the end. For instance, if they pull a "2" card, they'll be working with 20%. Then, they'll roll the dice and calculate the percentage of the numbers they rolled. This game will help students become more excited about percents.

For this game, you'll need a deck of cards, dice, one calculator per player, paper, and pencils.

Link to detailed instructions: here


#4: Graph Puzzles

Geometric shapes can make many students uneasy. This 5th grade math game can help students become more confident with their graphing skills. Students will learn to draw shapes using positive and negative numbers and ordered pairs to create fun shapes—just like solving a puzzle.

For this game, you'll need graph paper, pencils, and rulers.

Link to detailed instructions: here


#5: Lego Area and Perimeter

This skill teaches students the basics of figuring out area and perimeter for rectangular shapes. You'll have students to figure out area and perimeter by placing the legos on the graph paper and counting the squares.

For this game, you'll need small legos, graph paper, a pencil, and paper.

Link to detailed instructions: here


5 5th Grade Math Games Online

There are tons of 5th grade math games online that your student can play. Here are five 5th grade math games online that cover a wide variety of 5th grade math skills.


#1: Multiplying Fractions Soccer Game

This game has student solve fraction problems in order to have the chance to score a goal for their soccer team. The game has students interpret the products of different fraction multiplication problems.

The game is great because it can be played on computers and tablets without installation and can be played alone or in teams. It's fun for students to kick the soccer goals, but the game is more about the math than the soccer.




#2: Papa's CupCakeria

This game helps students persevere in the face of problems, as well as manipulate fractions. The student has to fulfill cupcake orders and work quickly to staunch the flow of customers in a shop.

This game is fun, with brightly colored graphics and a fun soundtrack. It can only be played on a computer, which limits the number of students that can interact with it, and it's focused more on real-world problem solving than fractions, with students spending more energy balancing fulfilling order than actually figuring out the fractions.


#3: Math Games

This online math game database has tons of different practice problems built into an online platform. You can practice basically every skill your fifth grader will need to master during the year, broken down into standards.

This database is great because it has hundreds of problems for every single 5th grade math skill. Unfortunately, the skills are more drills than games — they're really just straight practice. Still, this is a great way to get lots of practice on lots of skills in quickly.


#4: Boat Coordinates

This fun and simple online math game has you help navigate a boat down a river full of obstacles by selecting the proper coordinates to steer to in four quadrants.

This game is great because it can be customized to a single quadrant or four quadrants to help students master the skills at different levels. This is a solid game for many students, with the one caveat that it has to be played on a desktop, not an app.


#5: Algebra Meltdown

 The game starts simple but gets increasingly difficult as it progresses.

Unfortunately, the game isn't responsive to student progress, so it gets more difficult whether or not your student is ready for it. However, a student who does well at linear equations will find this game fun and challenging.


Go Play!

There are thousands of 5th grade math games that you can use to reinforce math skills for your student. You can play games online or in-person—either way, the games will help them learn while having fun.


What's Next?

Before you play some of these games, you'll need to know some basics about graphing. Learn about the four graph quadrants (and where numbers are positive/negative) here!

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