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36 Awesome Family Feud Questions for Playing at Home


Lots of families enjoy chilling out with an episode of the game show Family Feud in the evenings. If you’re one of those families but want to spend an evening being a little more active, consider incorporating your own, at-home version of the Family Feud game into your plans for family time. Playing your own version of Family Feud is a great way to help everyone blow off some steam at the end of a long day!

Instead of scouring the Web for Family Feud questions and answers yourself, put up your feet and use our guide for orchestrating an at-home Family Feud game, questions and answers included. 

To get everyone in the family engaged, our list of 36 questions and answers includes Family Feud questions for kids, teens, and adults. We’ve also got a quick, 9 step how-to that you can use to play Family Feud at home from the comfort of your couch. 

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What Is Family Feud? How Does It Work? 

If you aren’t totally up on the details of how Family Feud works, here’s a recap: Family Feud is a classic television game show that features two families, or teams, who compete with each other to state the most popular responses to survey questions in order to win prizes. Today, the TV show Family Feud is hosted by Steve Harvey and airs on ABC and CBS stations.

We’ve included a YouTube clip above to help jog your memory in case you’ve forgotten the ins and outs of Family Feud. Generally speaking, here’s how the show works: the two families take turns trying to guess the top answers to questions that were previously posed to 100 survey participants (that’s why Steven Harvey says, “Survey says . . . !”). 

The show is often pretty funny, since the top answers that make it onto the list from the survey participants don’t always make sense. For each top answer a team guesses correctly, that team receives a certain number of points that corresponds to the number of surveyed people who gave that answer. So if 36 people said a dog was their favorite pet, and your team guessed “dog,” you would get 36 points. 

The game ends or progresses to a special Fast Money round when one of the competing families earns 300 total points. 



You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to have your own Family Feud game night at home. All you need is a buzzer, some questions, and a little teamwork. 


How to Have a Family Feud Game Night at Home

While Family Feud uses lots of fancy technology and Hollywood magic to make the game work, you definitely don’t need that to have a fun game night at home. 

If you want to run a Family Feud game at home, you’ll need to do a few things to prepare, then follow a simple set of instructions in order to run the game smoothly. We’ve detailed how to prep a Family Feud game and put together a brief list of instructions for how to run the game below!


Family Feud Game Prep and Set Up 

In terms of setting up a space for playing the game, lots of people like to set up couches or chairs facing each other, and have the host sit at the front of the room with the scorecard and Family Feud game questions. 

Whatever set up you choose, you just need a space that will allow each team to sit in a straight line facing each other, separate from the host. 

Once you’ve got a space set up to play, here are the other materials you’ll need to play a Family Feud game at home: 

  • 2 teams with an equal number of players
  • A scorecard
  • A buzzer
  • A list of Family Feud questions and answers
  • A host who reads the questions and answers

Now, let’s quickly break down how to use some of the materials listed above. First, you’ll need a scorecard to add up points, since the team that earns 300 points first is the winner. You can use a digital scorecard to make things easier, or you can keep a points tally on a portable whiteboard or notepad. If you’re using a whiteboard or notepad, just draw a line down the middle of the page, write one team’s name at the top of each column, and jot points down in the correct column as you play the game. 

Next, you’ll need one buzzer for each team to use. You can easily have a member of each team download a free buzzer app to their phone, or grab something you have around the house: a toy that squeaks, a musical instrument, or even a pot and a wooden spoon! 

After you’ve got your scorecard and buzzer ready to go, you’ll need to designate teams and a host. You need the same number of “contestants” on each team, so if your family isn’t odd-numbered, consider assigning a host and an assistant to the host who can help keep score or reveal correct answers during each round. 

It might also be a good idea to choose a host who is a good reader, follows instructions easily, and can help corral both teams to keep them on track during the game since their job is to make sure the game runs smoothly. 

Now, finally, the bulk of the work for getting this game together is collecting your list of Family Feud questions and answers. The good news is that we’ve done that part for you! Instead of looking for survey questions yourself, you can use the list of Family Feud game questions and answers we’ve provided. To make things easy, you might want to print out for use during the game. 

Before we get to the list of questions, though, let’s go through the instructions for running the game next. 



The rules of Family Feud are pretty simple once you play a few rounds. But if you've never played Family Feud at home before, we recommend printing the instructions below so you can reference them during the game!


Instructions for Running the Game

The instructions for playing a game of Family Feud are probably best used by the host, who may then read and explain the steps of the game to the other “contestants.” If it helps keep everyone focused, you can print a copy of these instructions and give them to each team. 

When you’re ready to start playing your Family Feud game, here’s how to proceed, step by step: 

  • Step 1: Divide everyone into two teams of equal number, and have each team select a Team Captain. 

  • Step 2: Ask each Team Captain to come to the front of the room, each bringing a buzzer with them. 

  • Step 3: The host reads off the first question. 

  • Step 4: The Team Captains face off by trying to beat each other to hitting their buzzer and answering the question first. The Team Captain who hits the buzzer first has five seconds to give an answer that is listed on the Family Feud questions and answers sheet. If the first Team Captain fails to give the a correct answer, the other Team Captain gets a chance to guess.

  • Step 5: The team whose Captain gives a correct answer first gets the chance to play this round of the game. If they don’t want to, they can pass the chance to play the round to the opposing team.  

  • Step 6: The team who chooses to play this round gets a chance to guess the remaining top answers to the question. Each team member gets a chance to give an answer, one by one, until they’ve found all the answers or gotten three wrong answers (called strikes). The team gets three strikes during the round, and each incorrect answer given counts as one strike. When the team gives a correct answer, the host adds the correct number of points (Note for hosts: the correct points for each answer are listed in parentheses next to the answer). 

  • Step 7: When the team uses up their three strikes, the turn is passed to the second team. The second team gets one chance to give one of the top answers to the question. If they succeed, they will steal all of the other team’s points from that round and win the round. If the opposing team fails, the first team keeps their points for that round.

  • Step 8: This is the end of the first round. At the end of the round, the host should add up each team’s points and write them on the scorecard. To begin the second round, a new member from each team must come up to the front of the room and prepare to answer the next question, and steps 3-7 are repeated. 

  • Step 9: The game ends when one of the competing teams earns 300 points. 

Now that you know how to play the game at home, check out our list of 36 funny Family Feud questions and answers (points included!) that you can use to play with your family at home. 




36 Family Feud Questions and Answers

In order to run a Family Feud game, you’ve got to have a solid list of questions! We’ve come up with a list of 36 Family Feud questions for kids, teens, and adults so the entire family can participate in a game of Family Feud. 

Remember: the numbers listed in parentheses after each top answer are points. Make sure you add up the points for the winning team at the end of each round! 




Family Feud Questions for Kids

These questions are fun for everyone, but they're perfect for families with kids!


1. In which place are you told to use your inside voice? 

    1. Library (30)
    2. Classroom (25)
    3. Movie theatre (20)
    4. Worship service (15) 
    5. The doctor (10)


2. What would you find in a haunted house? 

    1. Ghosts (24)
    2. Cobwebs (18)
    3. Spiders (14)
    4. Mice (12)
    5. Dust (10)


3. What would you find at the North Pole? 

    1. Santa Claus (27)
    2. Elves (20)
    3. Snow (15)
    4. Reindeer (12)
    5. Santa’s sleigh (11)


4. What do you do before going to bed? 

    1. Brush your teeth (23)
    2. Put on your PJs (21)
    3. Read a story (16)
    4. Take a bath (15)
    5. Turn off the lights (10)


5. What makes you healthy and strong?

    1. Eating vegetables (30)
    2. Drinking your milk (27)
    3. Drinking water (20)
    4. Playing outside (14)
    5. A good night’s sleep (9)


6. What does a dog do? 

    1. Bark (29)
    2. Scratch (25)
    3. Lick (21)
    4. Roll over (16)
    5. Play fetch (8)


7. What are things that come in pairs?

    1. Shoes (24)
    2. Socks (22)
    3. Feet (20)
    4. Hands (17)
    5. Eyes (13)


8. What can you find in outer space? 

    1. The sun (25)
    2. The moon (24)
    3. Stars (20)
    4. Planets (17)
    5. Spaceships (14)


9. What are things that are at the beach? 

    1. The ocean (25)
    2. Sand (24)
    3. Seagulls (20)
    4. Seashells (18)
    5. Seaweed (14)


10. What do you miss about school?

    1. Friends (32)
    2. Teacher (24)
    3. Recess (20)
    4. Lunchtime (14)
    5. Learning (8)


11. What can you find in the kitchen? 

    1. Refrigerator (20)
    2. Stove (17)
    3. Sink (15)
    4. Food (13)
    5. Plates (10)


12. What do you do on a summer day?

    1. Swim (30)
    2. Play outside (25)
    3. Go to camp (20)
    4. Picnic (15)
    5. Have friends over (10)




Family Feud Questions for Teens

If you're playing with your high school friends — or if you're a family with older kids! — these questions are perfect for you. 


13. Name a “throwback” TV show that teens love to watch. 

    1. Friends (30)
    2. The Office (25)
    3. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (20)
    4. One Tree Hill (15)
    5. Gossip Girl (10)


14. After you take a selfie, what might you do with it? 

    1. Add it to your story (24)
    2. Add a filter (18)
    3. Send it to a friend (14)
    4. Post it to your feed (12)
    5. Delete it and take it again (10)


15. What’s something you do when you wake up in the morning? 

    1. Check your phone (27)
    2. Hit snooze (20)
    3. Go to the bathroom (15)
    4. Eat breakfast (12)
    5. Get dressed (11)


16. Where might you go thrifting? 

    1. eBay (23)
    2. Depop (21)
    3. Etsy (16)
    4. Poshmark (15)
    5. Goodwill (10)


17. Name a food you can eat with your hands. 

    1. Pizza (24)
    2. Tacos (23)
    3. Burger (18)
    4. Sushi (14)
    5. Fruit (8)


18. Name a reason you might not respond to a text. 

    1. Forgot (26)
    2. Busy (24)
    3. Haven’t read it yet (20)
    4. Not sure what to say (14)
    5. Don’t want to talk to them (8)


19. Name something you never leave home without. 

    1. Phone (30)
    2. Keys (24)
    3. Money (19)
    4. Backpack (13)
    5. Shoes (9)


20. What’s something teens look forward to? 

    1. Prom (22)
    2. Graduation (21)
    3. Getting driver’s license (17)
    4. College (15)
    5. Freedom (11)


21. Name a place where you might hear music. 

    1. Concert (26)
    2. Restaurant (23)
    3. While on hold on the phone (20)
    4. Elevator (16)
    5. Car (15)


22. Name a kid’s game teens and adults still enjoy playing.

    1. Hide and Seek (31)
    2. Twister (23)
    3. Candyland (19)
    4. Go Fish (15)
    5. Hopscotch (9)


23. Name something you see at a carnival. 

    1. Ferris wheel (30)
    2. Carousel (25)
    3. Cotton candy (20)
    4. Fried food (15)
    5. Bright lights (10)


24. Name something that parents encourage their kids to do. 

    1. Homework (28)
    2. Practice (23)
    3. Clean your room (20)
    4. Listen (15)
    5. Be yourself! (10)




Family Feud Questions For Adults

These questions are great for an adult-only crowd. 


25. Name one thing you always have in your pantry. 

    1. Beans (28)
    2. Rice (25)
    3. Potatoes (21)
    4. Onions (15)
    5. Flour (10)


26. What are the top reasons for being late to work?

    1. Traffic (30)
    2. Hit snooze too many times (25)
    3. Car trouble (19)
    4. Bad weather (13)
    5. Family obligations (10)


27. What might you put in your coffee? 

    1. Sugar (26)
    2. Cream (25)
    3. Ice (18)
    4. Syrup (15)
    5. Nothing (10)


28. What would you find in a home medicine cabinet? 

    1. Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen (29)
    2. Thermometer (25)
    3. Neosporin/antibacterial ointment (20)
    4. Rubbing alcohol (16)
    5. Bandages (11)


29. Name a chore that people hate.

    1. Taking out the trash (30)
    2. Folding the laundry (21)
    3. Emptying the dishwasher (20)
    4. Cleaning the bathroom (17)
    5. Vacuuming (10)


30. Name a food that frequently goes bad before you get the chance to eat it. 

    1. Avocado (28)
    2. Banana (25)
    3. Fresh berries (23)
    4. Salad greens/lettuce (15)
    5. Mushrooms (8)


31. Name an important number people often memorize.

    1. Phone number (25)
    2. Social security number (23)
    3. Driver’s license number (20)
    4. Debit/credit card number (15)
    5. Bank routing number (11)


32. Name something that only happens once every few years. 

    1. Eclipse (27)
    2. Presidential election (25)
    3. Leap Year (21)
    4. Olympics (15)
    5. FIFA World Cup (7)


33. Things you don’t want to discuss during the holidays. 

    1. Politics (30)
    2. Religion (25)
    3. Your love life (19)
    4. Finances (14)
    5. Parenting advice (9)


34. Name something at home that people often run out of. 

    1. Milk (30)
    2. Toilet paper (29)
    3. Bread (18)
    4. Eggs (13)
    5. Hand soap (10)


35. Name a way that people communicated before texting was invented. 

    1. Phone calls (30)
    2. Beeper/pager (24)
    3. Letters (20)
    4. Telegram (13)
    5. Carrier pigeon (10)


36. Name something guests do at a wedding reception. 

    1. Dance (30)
    2. Eat (25)
    3. Drink (20)
    4. Clap (15)
    5. Take pictures (10)




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