Taurus Moon Sign: What It Means for You


Are you doing a deep dive into astrology and have started learning about moon signs? Sun signs usually get all the attention, but moon signs can help you learn about the more hidden, private sides of your personality. 

Read this guide to learn all about what moon signs are in astrology and how you can find your own moon sign. We'll then focus on Taurus moons and explain how moon signs can affect everything from how you feel about yourself to how you chill out. We end with an overview of personality traits of a Taurus moon with every sun astrology sign.


What Are the Astrology Moon Signs?

What is a Taurus moon sign? Even people who have studied astrology for a long time may not know much about moon signs. They're much less known and less discussed than your sun sign. You can determine your sun sign based on your birthdate; sun signs (also known as star signs) are generally just referred to as "signs." So, if you were born on, say, March 12th, then your sun sign is Pisces and you'll likely tell people you're a Pisces when asked about your sign. Each sun sign lasts about a month, although the months don't match up perfectly with the standard Gregorian calendar most of the world uses. 

Moon signs (sometimes called natal moon signs) are a little more complicated. They refer to the position that the moon was at in the sky at the time of your birth. As opposed to the sun, which passes through each of the zodiac signs once a year, the moon moves more quickly and passes through each zodiac sign once a month. This means that the moon moves into a different zodiac sign about every 2 to 2.5 days. Therefore, to know your astrology moon sign with full confidence, you need to know the exact time of your birth (although knowing just morning/afternoon/evening can be used in a pinch) as well as your city of birth. The moon can be in one position in the morning and move to another position that puts it into a different sign by the evening. Once you have this information, you can learn your zodiac moon sign here.

If you have a Taurus moon sign (sometimes called a Moon in the 2nd House), that means that, at the moment of your birth, the moon was in the Taurus position. Your moon sign can influence quite a bit about your personality, even though they  aren't nearly as widely discussed as sun signs.

Knowing your moon sign will help you learn more about your inner self. While your sun sign focuses more on how you appear to others and what you aspire to be (ex. your personality, how you interact with groups, future goals, etc.) your moon sign tells you more about internal, private characteristics. You can study it to learn more about your emotional energy, natural instincts, common anxieties, hidden fears, and what you need to feel secure in the world. Your moon sign will influence how you interact with others (especially in close relationships), how you view the world, and how you feel about yourself.


Taurus Moon Personality Traits

Have you discovered that you're a moon in Taurus woman or moon in Taurus man? Now learn what that means! If you have a Taurus moon sign, it means you might also have Taurus qualities, in addition to the qualities your sun sign gives you. You can learn all about Taureans here, but in this section, we'll specifically discuss how having a Taurus moon sign will impact you, as opposed to a Taurus sun sign. Moon signs primarily impact the inner, private self, as well as close relationships, so that's what you'll be learning about.


Taurus Moon Sign: How You View Yourself

Your moon sign has a significant impact on how you think of yourself and, if you're a Taurus moon sign, you're probably feeling pretty good about things! Taurean moon signs know that they deserve great things. They're honest, hardworking, and stable influences, and don't they deserve to be rewarded for that? You like making plans for yourself, both to keep striving and to reward yourself for your accomplishments.

You generally have an even keel and a quiet confidence that helps you feel secure in both yourself and the decisions you make. When faced with uncertainty or a new situation, self-doubt can sometimes creep in, but soon enough you'll have worked out a solution and things will be back on track.


Taurus Moon Sign: Fears

Taurus is a fixed sign and an Earth sign, both qualities that make them value stability. Change and uncertainty are often a Taurus moon's biggest fears, especially when it relates to their personal lives. If a relationship hits a bump (or they're struggling to find the right relationship), if a job search is going poorly, if they suddenly have to move out of their home, a Taurus moon can be sent into a tailspin. Taurus moons highly value stability and feeling grounded, and when they're struggling to find comfort and direction in their lives, they can freeze up and invoke that famous Taurean stubbornness, unable to handle the wave of uncertainty they're facing.


Taurus Moon Sign: Comforts

Taurus moons are all about self care. But not just any self care; they want the best. Taureans are lovers of luxury and all things beautiful. When they need comfort, a Taurus moon will turn to fancy candles, cashmere blankets, spa days, and top-notch meals. Because they love stability, they'll often return to old favorites rather than taking a risk with something new. Organization is also important to all Taureans, so these comforts must also be neatly arranged and easy to get. Taurus moons are very comfortable by themselves, so they may choose to indulge with a close friend or family member or on their own. What matters most is that what they're surrounding themselves with is beautiful, orderly, and calming. 


Taurus Moon Sign: How You View Close Relationships

With all relationships, Taureans move slow and steady and prefer putting a lot of effort into cultivating a few deep relationships rather than a large circle of acquaintances. You're seen as a loyal, steady friend, although you can sometimes be stubborn and have difficulty considering others' opinions if you've already made up your mind on something. In general though, your relationships tend to be close, stable, and long-lasting.

For Taurus moons, relationships are another way to strengthen their sense of security, and they will often turn down opportunities to make new friends in order to stick with their current circle. As a Taurus moon, you expect loyalty and stability in return, and you don't have a lot of patience with people who are flaky or create drama. Actions also speak louder than words for you, and you'll appreciate a thoughtful gift, a homemade meal, or your least favorite chore being done for you rather than flowery words.




Sun Pairings With Taurus Moon Signs

If you've ever felt that certain characteristics of your sun sign don't describe you well, it could be because you're not taking your moon sign into account. Your sun sign usually dominates your personality, but your moon sign also has an impact. Below are brief personality overviews of every sun sign paired with a Taurus moon. So, if you were born on January 12th and learned there was a moon in Taurus during your birth, you'd look at Capricorn Sun + Taurus Moon sign to learn more about what astrology says about you.


Aries Sun + Taurus Moon

Both Aries and Taureans are incredibly stubborn, so people with this sun/moon pairing often dig their heels in when they think they're right, even for trivial matters. However, there are benefits to this pairing as well. Aries can be fiery and impulsive, but a Taurus moon will add some calmness to this personality, resulting in Aries who are less temperamental and reckless than the norm.


Taurus Sun + Taurus Moon

As you would expect, a double Taurus pairing will result in very strong Taurus characteristics. You'll have all the good Taurean traits, like being practical, a hard worker, loyal, and comfortable with yourself, but you'll also struggle more than other sun/moon pairings with overcoming negative Taurus qualities like being stubborn and risk averse.


Gemini Sun + Taurus Moon

This pairing can create some challenges. Taureans are very averse to change but Geminis thrive on it. You may find yourself frequently daydreaming about making big life changes but never actually being able to follow through. Both signs have high expectations of themselves, and this can cause a lot of negative self-talk, even though it's rarely deserved. As you become more in-tune with your personality though, this sign pairing can be a great strength: you'll be able to make intelligent changes when you need to, but you can still choose to stay the course when that's the right path to take.


Cancer Sun + Taurus Moon

This is a strong, stable sun/moon pairing. Both Cancer and Taurus are loyal, kind, and honest, so there isn't a lot of turmoil between the two signs. A person with Cancer sun and Taurus moon signs often feels deeply at peace with who they are. However, because both signs are often introverted and reluctant to open up to others, finding people they feel comfortable around can be an ongoing challenge.


Leo Sun + Taurus Moon

Leos tend to be gregarious leaders, very different from the more heads-down Taureans. However, when a Leo has a Taurus moon, Taurean traits like loyalty and a calm presence can stabilize some of the drama Leos often find swirling around them. When it works out just right, you'll get a Leo with all the charismatic qualities of the lion sign, but also someone more stable and emotionally grounded.


Virgo Sun + Taurus Moon

Virgo is another excellent sun pairing for a Taurus moon. A person with this sun/moon pairing will often feel balanced and content because both signs are calm, kind, hard-working, and appreciators of the world's beauty. Additionally, the Taurean tendency to indulge in luxuries will help Virgos have a little more fun in their lives and reward all their hard work.


Libra Sun + Taurus Moon

Libras are notoriously bad at making decisions because they're ultra-concerned with making people happy. A Libra with a Taurus moon often has an easier time with this because Taurean stubbornness and desire to get what they want makes it easier to assert themselves. To further complement each other, the Taurean work ethic balances out the Libra tendency to be just a bit lazy. However, both signs can be materialistic, so this pairing can also really do some damage with a credit card.


Scorpio Sun + Taurus Moon

The best effect a Taurus moon has on a Scorpio is helping them keep their (sometimes overwhelming) emotions in check. Scorpios are great people, but they can be moody and prone to snap decisions. The Taurus traits from the moon sign help smooth this out and create a Scorpio who is better able to handle and work through their emotions.


Sagittarius Sun + Taurus Moon

Sagittarians are known for being fiery, adventurous, and free-spirited, which is very different from steady Taureans. However, this sun/moon pairing often works out well. The Taurean moon adds some stability to the Sagittarius fire, creating a Sag who looks before they leap (most of the time, anyway).


Capricorn Sun + Taurus Moon

Capricorn is one of the best sun signs for a Taurus moon. Both signs are even-keeled, loyal, and value hard work, so all these qualities will shine through. Additionally, a Taurus moon will help a Capricorn sun worry less about little problems, while the Capricorn side will help overcome the Taurus moon's natural hesitancy to try new things. This is really one of those sun/moon matches made in heaven.


Aquarius Sun + Taurus Moon

Aquarius and Taurus are about as opposite as two signs can get. Aquarians are noted eccentrics who hate being tied down, while Taureans love stability, order, and routine. This can result in the person having some of their flightier characteristics smoothed out, or you can end up with someone who never really knows what they want or how to act. People with a strong sense of identity and healthy self-confidence usually do the best with this pairing because they can accept all facets of themselves.


Pisces Sun + Taurus Moon

Pisces and Taureans have quite a few different qualities, so this pairing can be challenging until you really get to know yourself. Pisces are highly emotional while Taureans are even keeled, and you may find yourself privately frustrated with your emotions until your sun and moon signs are able to reach a stable harmony. Once that happens though, both your Pisces and Taurus traits will encourage you to indulge in well-deserved rewards and develop close relationships with a select group of people you really trust.




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