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21 Delightful ACT Memes

Posted by Christine Sarikas | Apr 17, 2020 1:00:00 PM

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The ACT can be a slog. First you have to do all that studying, then spend a bunch of hours taking the test, then wait weeks for your scores to get back. Do you know what makes it better? Memes. This guide contains 21 of the most relatable ACT 2020 memes out there, from the frustration at not being able to use a mechanical pencil to finding out your scores have been delayed. And yes, there is a baby Yoda ACT meme too.

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ACT 2020 Memes That Perfectly Describe the Testing Experience

Whether you're struggling to find which room you're supposed to take the test in or an extra test section is suddenly sprung on you, the ACT memes below show that there are many other test-takers commiserating right along with you.


It's Supposed to Be a Journey



When the Truth Hits


It's Rarer Than You Think


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That Feeling When...There's an Extra Section on the Test


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He'll Just Have to Except Whatever Happens I Guess


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Dr. Who Understands Perspective


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ACT Memes About All Those Rules

There are lots of rules involved when taking the ACT. Stressed about them? Annoyed by them? Just straight up confused as to why they exist? These are the memes for you.


Whatever You Do, Don't Break the Seal



Even ACT Inc. Jumped on the Baby Yoda Bandwagon



Gotta Remember That #2



They Have a Sense of Humor Though, Right? Right?



But for Real, Like How Illegal?


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ACT Memes That Understand You Ignore the Clock at Your Own Peril

Time management is a huge part of doing well on the ACT, and it's also one of the areas where students struggle the most. These ACT memes know how you feel.


Just Watching the Clock Tick Down


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When Running Out of Time Hurts You Twice



Maybe The Question Was Worth Extra Points? (No, It Never Is)


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ACT Memes That Understand the Anguish of Waiting for Your Scores

It typically takes about 10 to 21 days for you to get your ACT scores back. If there's not a delay that is. While you're waiting, enjoy these ACT memes.


Real, the Struggle Is


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All the Cool Kids Are Hanging Out Without You


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That Last Face Looks Kind of Happy


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All Sides Can Agree With This


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Probably Exactly How This Went


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ACT Memes 2020 for When You Crushed It

And finally, with all the time and effort you've put into your ACT prep, how can you not do great? Celebrate with these on-point memes.


Strut That Stuff



Like a Baby



What's Next?

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