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Enneagram Type 7: The Enthusiast


Looking into Enneagrams and want to know more about Enneagram Type 7? We're here to help! Read on to learn all about what Type 7s are known for, what they care about (and fear most), how to tell if you're a Type 7, and how this type interacts with friends, lovers, and coworkers.


What Is Enneagram Type 7?

Enneagram types are an increasingly popular way to classify personalities. There are nine different types, each of which has different values, goals, fears, and ways of relating to other people and the world in general. Most people take an online quiz to determine their type, and knowing your Enneagram can help you understand more about yourself as well as what you can do to become a better friend, family member, partner, and employee.

Enneagram 7 is often called the "enthusiast" or "optimist." They're known for being energetic, fun-loving, curious, and spontaneous. They want to get as much fun and excitement out of life as possible, so they're always trying new things and meeting new people, even if it sometimes means overextending themselves. 

Famous Enneagram 7s include Katy Perry, President John F. Kennedy, Robin Williams, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Amelia Earhart.


You're Probably Enneagram 7 If…

Not sure if you're an Enneagram 7? There are lots of quizzes you can take online, but if you're just looking for a quick assessment, we've got one for you. Below are 13 statements that are true of many Type 7s. Read through each of them and, if you feel that eight or more of the statements describe you well, then you're likely a Type 7.

#1: You love trying new things.

#2: You enjoy meeting and talking to new people.

#3: You generally feel optimistic about your life and the world in general.

#4: You easily get bored and want to move onto something new.

#5: You love being able to use your creative side.

#6: You often feel full of energy.

#7: You like regular change, both big and small, in your life.

#8: You can have trouble sticking with a project, career path, or relationship because you feel that something more exciting is out there.

#9: You prefer spontaneous ideas to detailed plans.

#10: You can sometimes feel scatterbrained with all the ideas in your head.

#11: Focusing on one thing for a long time can be challenging for you.

#12: You tend to go after what you want in life without worrying about failure.

#13: People compliment you on your "positive energy." 


What You Need to Know About Enneagram Type 7

The most important thing to know about Type 7s is that they see life as a fantastic adventure and want to get as much fun out of it as possible. They're not the type to be negative, hold grudges,  or spend the weekend rewatching their favorite movies. There's a whole world out there to explore, and Type 7s want to get as much out of it as possible. This means that they're often full of energy and always looking for new experiences to be had. How people react to that often depends on their own Enneagram Type, but many people love the boldness and positivity Type 7s always seem to carry with them.

However, their love of novelty can make it difficult for Type 7s to commit to anything, whether that's a sports league, a career, or a relationship. They can also come across as scatterbrained because they have so many thoughts and ideas running through their mind. Type 7s often get bored with schedules and lists, so their ideas--although often innovative and exciting--can seem muddled and haphazard (if they aren't forgotten by the Type 7 themselves). Similarly, the combination of "glass half full" living and spontaneous ideas can make Type 7s reckless at times. They'll rarely do things that put others at risk, but their less successful ideas can create chaos for others' carefully-planned projects and ideas.

Fortunately, when Type 7s are living their best life, they're able to control their impulses and constant need for novelty. They can hold onto long-term relationships, stick with projects through the boring points, and, when the fun times roll around again, they're ready to reward all their hard work with, that's right, more fun times.

Biggest goals: To have fun, to explore the world, to have new experiences, to be creative

Biggest fears: Boredom, feeling trapped, missing out 


Biggest personality strengths: Optimism, curiosity, passion

Biggest personality weaknesses: Impulsivity, selfishness, difficulty committing




Enneagram Type 7 in Romantic Relationships

Type 7s often have a lot of people who want to date them. They're positive, fun-loving, and brimming with energy, and these attractive qualities give them lots of admirers. Keeping a relationship going, however, is more of a struggle for Type 7s. As with all areas of their life, Type 7s often begin relationships full of energy and optimism. They'll put a lot of effort into creating unique, personalized dates and getting to know their partner. This can be intoxicating, and many people quickly fall hard for Type 7s. However, it's around this time when Type 7s begin to look for the next new thing. 

This pattern often has nothing to do with the object of the Type 7s' affection: they just can't help themselves from looking over their shoulder for the next newer, better thing. Right when a relationship starts to settle in a routine, they begin to get antsy with nights staying in with Netflix and convince themselves that something better is out there. As a result, it's not uncommon for Type 7s to have numerous short-lived relationships. Because they're honest about their intentions and well-meaning at heart, these relationships usually end fairly amicably and without drama but it can still be hard on all parties involved.

All is not lost for Type 7s and the people who love them, though. When a Type 7 finds the person they really want to be with, they'll be able to settle down, though this often happens a bit later in life for them. Long-term commitment does happen for many Type 7s, but to keep the relationship as strong and happy as possible, both they and their partners should make an effort to keep things new and exciting when they can. Routine can kill the best relationships, and this is especially true when a Type 7 is involved.


Enneagram Type 7 With Family and Friends

Their positive energy and "down for anything" personality makes Type 7s very popular to be around. Their love of meeting new people means they often have wide circles of friends who admire their optimism and curiosity. Type 7s are the people who gather everyone together and plan an incredible weekend/night out/brunch. They're masters at knowing exciting new events to try, the craziest restaurant trend, or even a new Korean show that no one has heard of but ends up being addicting. Type 7s rarely say no to anything, and their friends appreciate that they'll always be willing to go along with their new schemes and have fun along the way. With family, Type 7s are similar, gathering crowds at holidays and family reunions as they tell stories and get others to open up about themselves.

As fun as Type 7s can be, they do have some habits people close to them can find frustrating. One of the biggest is the reluctance Type 7s have to do anything they find boring or repetitive. Want to try out underwater hockey? Your Type 7 friend will be there in a flash. Want some emotional support while you defend your dissertation? That same friend may have another place to be since sitting for hours at a lecture--even given by one of their favorite people--isn't the Type 7 idea of fun. And fun is what it's really about for Type 7s. Their need for novelty and good times means they may not show up for more mundane events when the people close to Type 7s need them most. A Type 7 won't hesitate to skip a family holiday if they score a spot at a hip party, and they aren't the best person to ask to come and watch TV reruns with you while  you cry over a breakup. Their need for constant stimulation can make it hard to rely on Type 7s, but, deep down, they do care deeply about others, and, when they know it's important, they'll make an effort to be there for you when it counts.


Enneagram Type 7 at the Workplace 

Type 7s are often very popular in social situations, but sometimes their relentless energy doesn't make a great fit for the workplace. They'll often throw themselves into projects with a lot of passion, but it's common for their interest to fizzle out pretty quickly and for them to start looking for something new to turn their energy towards. This can be a problem for careers that have a lot of long-term projects that require committed focus. They'll brainstorm dozens of brilliant ideas, but when the time comes to get to work on a long and complicated project, Type 7s may lose interest in the very idea they came up with. Type 7s will also struggle with being motivated to complete more mundane workplace tasks, like responding to emails or sitting through team meetings. They know they're important, but repetitive, generally boring tasks like that just don't excite Type 7s the way they need to be to stick with something.

However, when Type 7s find a career that aligns with their interests, they can be superstars at the office. They're fast learners, full of energy, and love working with others. As long as Type 7s are getting their work done, their coworkers often find them very easy to work with because they're passionate and fun to be around. Type 7s aren't adverse to hard work; in fact, they'll happily work through the night on a project that's important to them. They just need to be sufficiently interested in the project enough to let their creative juices flow with abandon.

Type 7s do best in careers that allow them to be creative and social, as well as quickly jump from one task to another. Because they often have such varied interests, it's common for Type 7s to test out numerous careers over their life. This isn't because they're work adverse or even unhappy in their current job; Type 7s just love the rush of something new. The best Enneagram Type 7 careers include:

  • Marketing agent
  • PR person
  • Travel agent
  • Entrepreneur
  • Physical therapist
  • Event planner




Enneagram Type 7 Wings

Each Enneagram type has two adjacent wings, one of which is more dominant than the other for each person. When you take your Enneagram test, you'll learn which wing is dominant for you. Although they don't have as large an impact as your actual Enneagram type, wings still affect your personality and behavior. The two Enneagram Type 7 wings are Enneagram 7 Wing 6 (7w6) and Enneagram 7 Wing 8 (7w8). Knowing your wing will add more depth and clarity to your enneagram description.


Enneagram 7 Wing 6

Type 6 is known as the "loyalist," and they're known for being responsible, cooperative, and self-reliant. These traits can sometimes contrast strongly with Type 7 traits, creating someone with a lot of layers and different characteristics depending on the situation. People who are Enneagram 7 Wing 6 are generally less spontaneous than typical Type 7s because they value stability. Because both Type 6s and Type 7s can struggle with self-doubt, this wing can have difficulty making decisions and feeling confident enough to make big life changes.

However, Enneagram Type 7 Wing 6 also avoid many of the more reckless decisions Type 7s--with their love of novelty and spontaneous manner--can make. They tend to think things through a bit more and consider how their actions will affect others. Like all Type 7s, they're popular to be around, especially because this wing is highly aware of other people's feelings. They want everyone to feel loved and supported.


Enneagram 7 Wing 8

Type 8s are known as "challengers," and they're often described as being confident, decisive, powerful, and, at times, ego-centric. Although Type 7s can often struggle with indecisiveness, Enneagram 7 Wing 8s have that issue less often because the Type 8 confidence balances it out. This wing type can be a great leader because people like and respect them, and they're also able to make difficult decisions.

On the other hand, Enneagram 7 Wing 8s can also be overbearing. Type 7s already are hugely focused on having fun, and when you add that to the self-centeredness Type 8s can sometimes suffer from, you can end up with a person who puts their own wants at the expense of everyone else. This type/wing pairing needs to remember (or be reminded) that the feelings of others matter just as much as their own, and that their actions shouldn't always be focused on just themselves.


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