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157 Fun Trivia Questions for Kids and Adults


Looking for fun and challenging trivia questions and answers? We've got them! Use our list of over 150 questions to change up your game nights. We've organized the trivia questions into eight categories, including movies, science, history, random trivia questions, and trivia questions for kids.


Games You Can Play With Trivia Questions and Answers

You can use these fun trivia questions and answers by just reading through the list and learning new things, but they can also be part of a trivia game! Below are three trivia games you can play using these questions.


Timed Questions

The easiest way to use these trivia questions is to make them into flashcards (or have someone whose only role is to read them), and give each person a minute (or whatever time you decide on) to answer as many as they can. The person who answers the most in the allocated time wins!


Revamped Board Game

If you want to make the game a bit longer, break out an old board game like Candy Land. Players take turns answering questions, and, every time you answer correctly, you get to move a certain number of spaces on the board game. You can either make all questions worth the same number of spaces or make harder questions worth more spaces. First to the end of the board wins!



Another great way to use your trivia questions and answers is by creating your own version of Jeopardy. Choose a couple categories, select questions for each category and assign them each a point value. Write the trivia question on the back of each card. Contestants will take turns choosing a category and point value. The person playing the host will then read the answer of the card the player chose (remember Jeopardy provides answers and contestants must guess the question). The first player to give the correct question earns the points. So, for example, the host would say "This is the year the Cold War ended" and the players would try to be the fastest to say "What is 1989?" Remember, you must answer in question form to fit official Jeopardy rules!

157 Fun Trivia Questions

Below are over 150 trivia questions and answers, organized into eight categories:

  • Movie trivia questions
  • Technology trivia questions
  • History trivia questions
  • Sports trivia questions
  • Global trivia questions
  • Science trivia questions
  • Fun trivia questions
  • Trivia questions for kids

Read through them and learn something new!




Movie Trivia Questions

These movie trivia questions and answers will test all your cinema-related knowledge, both past and present.


Q: What is the highest-grossing film of all time?

A: Avengers: Endgame


Q: What is the highest-grossing film of all time, taking inflation into account?

A: Gone With the Wind


Q: What was the first Pixar movie?

A: Toy Story


Q: Which movie was incorrectly announced as the Best Picture winner at the 2017 Academy Awards

A: La La Land


Q: In Disney's Cinderella, what are the names of Cinderella's two stepsisters?

A: Anastasia and Drizella


Q: In what year were the Academy Awards first presented?

A: 1929


Q: What was the first film to release a soundtrack?

A: Snow White (in 1944)


Q: What is the longest movie ever made?

A: The Cure for Insomnia (clocking in at 85 hours)


Q: What was the first movie to ever be rated PG-13?

A: Red Planet (in 1984)


Q: How many Oscars has Meryl Streep been nominated for?

A: 21 (she's won three times)


Q: Who was the only actor to receive an Oscar nomination for acting in the Lord of the Rings trilogy

A: Ian McKellen


Q: What is the highest-grossing animated film of all time?

A: The Lion King (2019 remake)


Q: "Nobody's perfect" is the final line of which classic comedy, starring Marilyn Monroe?

A: Some Like It Hot


Q: What is the name of Princess Leia's home planet in Star Wars?

A: Alderaan


Q: Who starred in the original version of A Star is Born?

A: Janet Gaynor and Fredric March


Q: What was the name of the possessed hotel in The Shining?

A: The Overlook Hotel


Q: How many children are in the von Trapp family in The Sound of Music?

A: Seven


Q: What is Scarlett  O'Hara's first name in Gone with the Wind?

A: Katie


Q: In Back to the Future, what type of car is the time machine?

A: A DeLorean




Technology Trivia Questions

Are you a tech buff? Try your hand at these trivia questions all about technology.


Q: What year did Facebook launch?

A: 2004


Q: What does HTTP stand for?

A: Hypertext Transfer Protocol


Q: In the car industry, what does "BMW" stand for?

A: Bavarian Motor Works


Q: What year was the first iPhone released?

A: 2007


Q: Which university did Microsoft founder Bill Gates drop out of?

A: Harvard


Q: Originally, Amazon only sold what kind of product?

A: Books


Q: As of 2019, what is the most popular car color in the USA?

A: White


Q: What language does the word "robot" come from?

A: Czech ("robota" means forced labor/work)


Q: What is the official state car of the Emperor of Japan?

A: Toyota Century Royal


Q: What is Thomas Edison's most famous invention?

A: Lightbulb


Q: In 2009, what became the first Morse code character to be added since WWII?

A: The @ symbol


Q: How many characters did Twitter originally restrict tweets to?

A: 140


Q: What was eBay originally called?

A: AuctionWeb




History Trivia Questions

From ancient history to nearly present day, these history questions will teach you new facts about the past.


Q: Who was the first person to reach the South Pole?

A: Roald Amundsen


Q: Who painted the Mona Lisa?

A: Leonardo da Vinci


Q: What year did the Cold War end?

A: 1989


Q: What was the largest contiguous empire in history?

A: Mongol Empire


Q: Which country was the first to give women the right to vote?

A: New Zealand (in 1893)


Q: How many people have walked on the moon?

A: 12


Q: The destruction of Pompeii in 79 AD was done by what volcano?

A: Mt. Vesuvius


Q: Which queen had the shortest reign of King Henry VIII's wives?

A: Anne of Cleves


Q: What was the first capital of ancient Egypt?

A: Memphis


Q: What was the name of The Beatles' debut album?

A: Please Please Me


Q: Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

A: Marie Curie


Q: Which Civil War battle had the most casualties in any single day of fighting?

A: Battle of Antietam (with 22,726 casualties in one day)


Q: Who was the first person in space?

A: Yuri Gagarin


Q: Which president served the shortest term in office?

A: William Henry Harrison (he died of an illness two months into his presidency)


Q: What was Eleanor Roosevelt's maiden name?

A: Roosevelt (she and FDR were distant cousins)


Q: Who was the first African American ever appointed to the US Supreme Court?

A: Thurgood Marshall


Q: Who was the first person to appear on the $1 bill?

A: Salmon P. Chase (the Secretary of the Treasury in 1862, when the first $1 bills were created)


Q: What was the world's shortest war?

A: The Anglo-Zambian War (It occurred in 1896 and lasted about 45 minutes)


Q: Who was the first American in space?

A: Alan Shephard


Q: What was the name of the stele that led to the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphics?

A: Rosetta Stone


Q: Which American president is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame?

A: Abraham Lincoln


Q: Where was Napoleon Bonaparte born?

A: Corsica


Q: What year was Black History Month first celebrated?
A: 1976


Q: Pope Gregory IV tried to exterminate what animal from Europe, as he said they were instruments of Satan?

A: Cats


Q: What was the last country in the Western Hemisphere to legalize divorce?

A: Chile (in 2004)




Sports Trivia Questions

From football to futbol to sumo wrestling, test your sports knowledge with the questions in this section.


Q: Which country won the first FIFA World Cup in 1930?

A: Uruguay


Q: What sporting event is held every Memorial Day?

A: The Indy 500


Q: Which athlete has won the most Olympic medals?

A: Michael Phelps (with 28 medals)


Q: What are three consecutive strikes in bowling called?

A: A turkey


Q: What is the national sport of Japan?

A: Sumo wrestling


Q: Which team scored the most points ever in a single Super Bowl?

A: The San Francisco 49ers (55 points in 1990)


Q: Which African country was the first to ever qualify for a World Cup?

A: Egypt


Q: What is the only NFL team with a plant for a logo?

A: The New Orleans Saints (their logo is a fleur-de-lis, which is a stylized lily)


Q: After how many personal fouls is a player ejected from an NBA game?

A: 6


Q: What material was first used to cover baseballs?

A: Cowhide


Q: What is the signature food dish served at Wimbledon?

A: Strawberries and cream


Q: What was Muhammed Ali's birth name?

A: Cassius Clay


Q: Who is the leading NBA scorer?

A: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (with 38,387 points)




Global Trivia Questions

These trivia questions test your knowledge of geography and customs from around the world.


Q: How many countries are in Africa?

A: 54


Q: What is the world's longest river?

A: Amazon River


Q: Which country consumes the most chocolate per capita?

A: Switzerland


Q: What is the Maori name for New Zealand?

A: Aotearoa


Q: What is the only country that borders the United Kingdom?

A: Ireland (which shares a border with Northern Ireland)


Q: What is the name of the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world?

A: Angel Falls (located in Venezuela) 


Q: What is the only continent without an active volcano?

A: Australia


Q: What is the name of the largest desert in the world?

A: Sahara


Q: What is the only country without its own national anthem?

A: Cyprus (In 1966 it adopted the Greek national anthem as its own)


Q: In the United Kingdom, what is the day after Christmas Day called?

A: Boxing Day


Q: Which country contains both the highest and lowest points of elevation in South America?

A: Argentina


Q: According to the UN's 2020 World Happiness Report, which country has the happiest inhabitants?

A: Finland


Q: What is the national dish of Spain?

A: Paella


Q: What is the capital of Australia?

A: Canberra


Q: What is the world's most earthquake-prone country?

A: Japan


Q: What is the world's biggest island?

A: Greenland


Q: Where is the world's largest volcano located?

A: Hawaii (Mauna Loa volcano)


Q: What are the only two countries that are doubly landlocked?

A: Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein


Q: In what country is the world's most ancient forest?

A: Australia (Daintree Rainforest)


Q: What are the only three countries that don't use the metric system?

A: United States, Myanmar, and Liberia


Q: What is the name of the smallest ocean?

A: Arctic Ocean


Q: What is the most common first language in the world?

A: Mandarin Chinese


Q: Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?

A: Colorado River


Q: Which country sees the most international tourists annually?

A: France


Q: What is the newest country?

A: South Sudan (which gained independence in 2011)




Science Trivia Questions

Test your knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, and more with these science trivia questions.


Q: How much shorter is the average woman than the average man?

A: 5 inches


Q: What is the most common eye color in humans?

A: Brown


Q: What is the lightest planet?

A: Saturn (It's so light that it  would float in water)


Q: What's the human body's largest organ?
A: Skin


Q: What tree do acorns come from?

A: Oak trees


Q: What are the only two mammals that lay eggs?

A: Echidna and platypus


Q: How many eyes do bees have?

A: 5


Q: What are human nails made out of?

A: Keratin


Q: How many elements are in the periodic table?

A: 118


Q: What is the fin on the backs of fish and some whales and dolphins called?

A: Dorsal fin


Q: Which galaxy is closest to the Milky Way Galaxy?

A: Andromeda Galaxy


Q: What is the largest bone in the human body?

A: Femur


Q: What two substances are the main components of bronze?

A: Copper and tin


Q: What color is blood when it's inside your body?

A: Dark red


Q: What is the hardest known natural material?

A: Diamonds


Q: What are the three types of rock?

A: Igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic


Q: The first vaccine developed was for which disease?

A: Smallpox


Q: What flap on your windpipe helps keep food particles out?
A: Epiglottis


Q: What color is a giraffe's tongue?

A: Black


Q: Which planet has the strongest gravity?

A: Jupiter


Q: How many ribs are in the human body?

A: 24


Q: What are the three layers of the Earth?

A: Crust, core, mantle


Q: What is the hardest substance in the human body?

A: Tooth enamel


Q: What is the largest animal to have ever existed?

A: The blue whale


Q: Dolly was the first cloned animal. What type of animal was she?

A: Sheep




Fun Trivia Questions

This section contains more general trivia questions and answers that are light-hearted and potentially very surprising!


Q: What is the rarest M&M color?

A: Brown


Q: What is the national animal of Scotland?

A: The Unicorn


Q: What was the first soft drink to be taken into space?

A: Coca Cola


Q: What is a cow-bison hybrid called?

A: A beefalo


Q: What is a puffin chick called?

A: A puffling


Q: What is the official state sport of Maryland?

A: Jousting


Q: What is the only letter of the alphabet not to appear in the name of any US state?

A: Q


Q: What was the original purpose of the tiny pocket in jeans?

A: To store pocket watches


Q: What is the technical name of the "#" symbol?

A: Octothorpe


Q: What color do bananas glow under black light?

A: Blue



Trivia Questions for Kids

These trivia questions for kids are somewhat easier and focused more on subjects kids are interested in.


Q: How many planets are in the solar system?

A: 8


Q: What is the smallest breed of dog?

A: Chihuahua


Q: Which state is Hollywood in?

A: California


Q: What fruit do raisins come from?

A: Grapes


Q: What country are pandas from?

A: China


Q: In Finding Nemo, what species of fish is Nemo?

A: Clownfish


Q: What is the fastest land animal?

A: Cheetah


Q: What is a baby sheep called?

A: Lamb


Q: How many continents are there?

A: 7


Q: Who was the first president of the United States?

A: George Washington


Q: Which country has the most people?

A: China


Q: What is the largest state in the US?

A: Alaska


Q: How many sides does a trapezoid have?

A: 4


Q: What is the largest planet in the solar system?

A: Jupiter


Q: How many colors are in a rainbow?

A: 7 (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)


Q: What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan?

A: Tinkerbell


Q: What color cat is considered bad luck?

A: Black


Q: Where were the Olympics invented?

A: Greece


Q: How many legs do spiders have?

A: 8


Q: What are the only mammals that can fly?

A: Bats


Q: What are the names of the four Hogwarts houses?

A: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin


Q: Who wrote a famous diary while hiding from Nazis in Amsterdam?

A: Anne Frank


Q: In The Three Little Pigs, what is the strongest house made out of?

A: Bricks


Q: Which country invented pizza?

A: Italy


Q: Whose nose grew longer every time he lied?

A: Pinocchio


Q: What galaxy do we live in?

A: Milky Way Galaxy


Q: In what country are the famous pyramids located?

A: Egypt


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