Aries Moon Sign: What Does It Mean?


Did you recently discover that you're an Aries moon and want to know what that means for you? Sun signs usually get all the attention, but moon signs can help you learn about the more hidden, private sides of your personality. 

Read this guide to learn all about what moon signs are in astrology and how you can find your own moon sign. We'll then take a look at Aries moons specifically and explain how moon signs can affect everything from how you feel about yourself to how you chill out. We end with an overview of the personality traits of an Aries moon with every sun astrology sign.


What Are the Astrology Moon Signs?

What is the moon in Aries meaning? Even some astrology experts don't know that much about moon signs because they're much less discussed than sun signs. You can determine your sun sign based on your birth date; sun signs (also known as star signs) are generally just referred to as "signs." So, if you were born on, say, August 5th, then your sun sign is Leo and you'll likely tell people you're a Leo when asked about your sign. Each sun sign lasts about a month, although the months don't match up perfectly with the standard Gregorian calendar most of the world uses. 

Moon signs (sometimes called natal moon signs) are a bit more complicated. They refer to the position that the moon was at in the sky at the time of your birth. Compared to the sun, which passes through each of the zodiac signs once a year, the moon moves more quickly and passes through each zodiac sign once a month. This means that the moon moves into a different zodiac sign about every 2 to 2.5 days. Therefore, to know your moon sign with full confidence, you need to know the exact time of your birth (although knowing just morning/afternoon/evening can be used in a pinch) as well as your city of birth. The moon can be in one position in the morning and move to another position that puts it into a different sign by the evening. Once you have this information, you can learn your zodiac moon sign here.

If you have an Aries moon sign (sometimes called a Moon in the 1st House), this means that, at the moment of your birth, the moon was in the Aries position. Your moon sign can influence quite a bit about your personality, even though they  aren't nearly as widely discussed as sun signs.

Knowing your moon sign will help you learn more about your inner self. While your sun sign focuses more on how you appear to others and what you aspire to be (ex. your personality, how you interact with groups, future goals, etc.) your moon sign tells you more about internal, private characteristics. You can study it to learn more about your emotional energy, natural instincts, common anxieties, hidden fears, and what you need to feel secure in the world. Your moon sign will influence how you interact with others (especially in close relationships), how you view the world, and how you feel about yourself.


Aries Moon Personality Traits

Have you discovered that you're a moon in Aries woman or moon in Aries man? Now learn what that means! If you have an Aries moon sign, it means you might also have Aries qualities, in addition to the qualities your sun sign gives you. You can learn all about Aries here, but in this section, we'll specifically discuss how having an Aries moon sign will impact you, as opposed to an Aries sun sign. Moon signs primarily impact the inner, private self, as well as close relationships, so get ready to learn how that relates to a full moon in Aries sign.


Aries Moon Sign: How You View Yourself

Moon signs have a major impact on your self-confidence and just generally how you feel about yourself. And, if you have an Aries moon sign, you're in luck! Aries are known for being bold, optimistic, intelligent, and creative. They know they have a lot of skills and the ability to accomplish a lot of things. If you have an Aries moon sign, you probably have a lot of big plans for yourself in terms of your career, relationships, and personal growth, and you're confident you can achieve these dreams! However, even for this optimistic sign things aren't always perfect. Aries moons can also get easily frustrated when they feel they aren't living up to expectations or things aren't going their way, as well as frequently comparing themselves to others and feeling the need to "beat" everyone else in life.


Aries Moon Sign: Fears

People with an Aries moon sign typically have two overarching fears: fear of "losing" and fear of boredom. Aries are hugely competitive. If you're an Aries moon, you may not show that you desperately want to win your friends' weekly trivia night, but you really, really do want to win. Little losses you can usually roll with, but when you start to feel that everyone is just doing better in life than you, that can lead to a lot of negative thoughts as well as feelings of anger. Their second fear is boredom. Aries crave novelty and excitement, and a life where nothing changes much day-to-day is enough to strike fear into the heart of the bravest full moon in Aries sign.


Aries Moon Sign: Comforts

Aries moons don't need standard comforts like cozy nights in, their favorite food, or posh spa days. Instead, they are most comfortable with new situations. If it's a competition, that's even better. Aries moons love to win, and they'll gravitate towards anything with a competitive bent, whether it's a sports game, trivia contest, etc. While a day spent on the couch watching a favorite movie might make an Aries moon run away in fear, they'll jump at the chance to try out skydiving, rock climbing, or other ways of getting an adrenaline rush and being able to show others how thrilling their lives are.


Aries Moon Sign: How You View Close Relationships

Your moon sign also impacts how you view and pursue relationships, both romantic and platonic. If you're an Aries moon, then you're going to bring passion to those relationships, even if your sun sign is the most staid or introverted around. If your sun sign is known for being cool as a cucumber then these passionate feelings might be more internalized, but they'll be there. However, while this passion can be great when the times are good, it can cause problems when there are, well, problems. 

Your moon sign traits come out most strongly when you're by yourself or with the people you're closest to, which means that the relationships that matter the most to you can be subjected to the famous Aries temper: yelling, sudden arguments, sulking when you don't get your way. It can be surprising for people if you're usually even-keeled, and it's important you get a handle on these emotions before they cause serious damage to your relationships.




Sun Pairings With Aries Moon Sign

If you've ever felt that certain characteristics of your sun sign don't describe you well all that well, it could be because you're not taking your moon sign into account. Your sun sign typically dominates your personality, but moon signs also influence who you are. Below are brief personality overviews of each sun sign paired with an Aries moon. So, if you were born on December 4th and learned there was a moon in Aries during your birth, you'd look at Sagittarius Sun + Aries Moon sign to learn more about what astrology says about you.


Aries Sun + Aries Moon

A doubling Aries pairing! If you have Aries for both your sun and moon signs, you can expect a personality dominated by this fire sign. That means you'll be full of bravery, optimism, and a get-things-done attitude, but you'll also struggle with recklessness and a short temper. It'll take work to keep your negative emotions and impulse decisions under control, but once you manage that, your positive traits will shine through.


Gemini Sun + Aries Moon

This sign pairing is strongly optimistic and can get along with practically anyone. They're the life of the party and will always be invited to sit at the popular table. However, because both Aries and Gemini love adrenaline rushes, they can become reckless and put themselves in situations that are frankly dangerous. 


Taurus Sun + Aries Moon

Both Aries and Taureans are incredibly stubborn, so people with this sun/moon pairing often dig their heels in when they think they're right, even for trivial matters. However, there are benefits to this pairing as well. Taureans can be a bit plodding and stuck in their ways, but the Aries moon will inject some needed fire and spontaneity into this personality, creating a person who makes wise decisions but can still have some fun. 


Cancer Sun + Aries Moon

This pairing can go several ways. Cancers can be somewhat moody and depressive, so a great strength of this sun/moon pairing is that an Aries moon will add some optimism and liveliness so these Cancers aren't in the doldrums as often as others of their sign are. However, both these signs are very emotional, but in different ways. This can be a good thing if they even each other out, or it can create someone with both Aries' hot temper and Cancer's tendency for tears.


Leo Sun + Aries Moon

Leo and Aries really complement each other, so this is a strong sun/moon pairing. Both fire signs are brave, optimistic go-getters who love taking charge, so if this is you, expect these qualities to shine through. Additionally, the happy-go-lucky Aries moon energy can convince an otherwise nose-to-the-grindstone Leo to let loose once in a while.


Virgo Sun + Aries Moon

Virgo and Aries aren't very similar signs: Virgos are known for being reliable, thoughtful, and a tiny bit uptight. Aries, on the other hand, are fiery daredevils who jump from one thing to another. However, the differences between these sun and moon signs actually mesh together well. Having an Aries moon sign can help Virgos make decisions more easily, rather than get trapped in a cycle of indecisiveness. However, the Aries moon sign can also cause blips of hot-temperedness and bluntness to the otherwise even-keeled Virgo personality, which can startle both others and the Virgo themself.


Libra Sun + Aries Moon

Libras and Aries can get along famously when they're in a group, but when one person has this sun/moon pairing, it can cause a bit of trouble. Both signs are known for being impulsive and reckless, so when a Libra has an Aries moon, there's simply no aspect of their personality willing to tap on the breaks. They can be the life of the party until they take things just a little too far. (Fortunately, both signs are also very popular, so their friends will forgive their bad decisions.)


Scorpio Sun + Aries Moon

There are pros and cons here. Scorpios are naturally emotionally closed-off and can hold onto negative feelings for a long time. Having an Aries moon will help them see the sunnier aspects of life and take things as they come. However, both signs are also extremely passionate, so when a Scorpio sun + Aries moon falls for someone, they'll fall hard, for better or for worse. And if the relationship ends, the Scorpio will need to get in touch with their Aries moon traits as much as they can to start seeing the world positively again.


Sagittarius Sun + Aries Moon

The Sagittarius and Aries signs are very similar, so there won't be a lot of inner conflict in someone with this pairing. Both signs are adventurous, independent, and optimistic, and people with this sun/moon pairing often love themselves and love life in general. However, because neither their sun nor moon signs are known for really stopping to think through decisions, they can sometimes get into trouble. (Also, this sign is known for being quite bossy.)


Capricorn Sun + Aries Moon

Capricorns--the sign known for being reliable, hardworking, stressed, and all-work-and-no-play--greatly benefit from having an Aries moon sign. Aries' liveliness is just the thing to get Capricorns to inject some fun and creativity in their lives, and having an Aries moon sign can really improve Capricorns' inner thoughts and their opinion of themselves.


Aquarius Sun + Aries Moon

When an Aquarius--already a sign known for being clever, funny, and smart--has an Aries moon, these traits will only strengthen, leading these people to be some of the most sparkling conversationalists around. The volatile temper that many Aries are known for can cause some uneasiness in the otherwise even-keeled Aquarius (especially in terms of their private thoughts), but, on the whole, this pairing creates happy, interesting people.


Pisces Sun + Aries Moon

This can be a tough match. Both signs are very in-tune with their emotions, but they express them in different ways: Pisces tend towards tears, while Aries have hot tempers. Put together, this sun/moon pairing can create a Pisces who oscillates between crying and fits of anger. However, Pisces can be extremely wishy-washy and have difficulty speaking up for themselves, and having an Aries moon sign can make them more assertive and willing to stand up for things that matter to them.




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