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Brittany Logan

Brittany Logan graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism with a Master of Science with Honors. She has a dual-degree Master's from Sciences Po School of Journalism in Paris, and earned her Bachelor’s in Global Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has spent several years working in higher education- including as an English teacher abroad and as a teaching assistant in science writing at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

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The 8 Fundamental Taurus Traits, Explained

Are you a Taurus zodiac sign, or do you know someone who is? If you want to know your strengths and weaknesses as a Taurus or how to relate to a Taurus in your life, then you've come to the right place. Read on to learn all about this April-May zodiac sign, key Taurus traits to look for, and what the Taurus is like in relationships.

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The 8 Aries Traits You Need to Know

Ah, spring—such a wonderful time of year. No more snow or cold weather, flowers are in bloom, and summer's just around the corner. But that's not all this wonderful season brings: springtime means it's Aries season!

Are you or is someone you know an Aries? Gather ‘round and keep reading to learn all about the Aries zodiac symbol, key Aries personality traits, and the best ways to communicate with the Aries in your life.

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Alligator vs Crocodile: What’s the Difference?

Hey! Watch out for that alligator! Or is it a crocodile? How are we supposed to tell them apart?

These scaly reptiles have been confusing and confounding humans for, well, pretty much forever. Alligators and crocodiles share plenty of similarities, but there are actually key differences between them.

In this article, we’ll explain the main difference between alligator and crocodile species, as well as where you can find them, what they eat, and their relationship with humans. Keep reading to become an expert on alligator vs crocodile similarities and differences!

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What's Your Zodiac Sign? The 12 Zodiac Symbols

What's in a sign? Everything, according to astrology.

Astrologists believe your zodiac sign reveals a lot about your personality and temperament, as well as how you express yourself. Even though astrology (the study of life and humans through celestial objects) can trace its roots back over a few millennia, astrology symbols aren't considered a scientific field today. Still, you can't escape the presence of astrology signs in our culture. From the monthly horoscope readings in your favorite magazine, to references on television and in music, zodiac symbols are everywhere.

Don't know your zodiac sign, or just want to learn more? You've come to the right place. By the time we're finished, you'll know what the zodiac symbols are, when they happen and which sign is yours!

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The 3 Major Parts of the Brain and What They Do

Mission control. Command center. Control tower. No, I'm not talking about space or your laptop hard drive, or even airport flight control. I'm talking about the human brain—the most complex and essential organ our bodies have. What is the brain structure? What part of the brain controls emotions?

Whether you're studying it in class, preparing for an AP exam, or just curious about brain structure, in this article, you'll learn about the main parts of brain anatomy and their functions and as well as get a general overview of the brain's supporting cast.

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What Was the Proclamation of 1763?

Hear ye, hear ye! We know you’ve heard of the American Revolution, but do you know what led Britain’s colonies to break away from the empire? Before the Stamp Act and the Boston Tea Party, one royal proclamation watered the seeds of resentment that would lead to all out war between the colonies and Britain. That little decree was the Royal Proclamation of 1763.

What is the Proclamation of 1763 and why should you know about it? Well, given that interactions between Britain, its colonies and Native Americans played such an important role in early American history, laws created during that time are important to know for AP exams and history classes. But don’t worry! By the end of this article, not only will you know what the Royal Proclamation of 1763 was, you’ll also know the causes that led to it, the response that resulted and the proclamation’s impact.

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The ABCs of Alphabet Games: A Complete Guide

It’s hard to imagine a time when you didn’t know the alphabet, so the idea of teaching the letters to someone else can be daunting. But for toddlers and preschoolers (and anyone else learning English), the letters of the alphabet are the building blocks of the English language. Learning and recognizing them is the first crucial step to developing strong literacy and language skills.

Enter: alphabet games. Alphabet games make mastering letters fun—which is exactly what learning should be! So whether you have a little one just starting out on their literacy journey, or know someone learning English as a second language, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about alphabet games. In this article, we’ll explain what alphabet games are, the best ones to use, and the mistakes to avoid when using them to guarantee learning success.

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