SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips

Ivy Day 2021: What Is It, When Is It, and What to Do Next

How to Become an Accountant: Requirements and Advice

The National Youth Leadership Forum: Should You Go?

Should You Participate in the National Student Leadership Conference?

The College Board Has Ended the SAT Essay

College Board Ends SAT Subject Tests: What You Need to Know

When Is the March SAT? Should You Take It?

The 7 Steps to Becoming a Doctor: A Complete Guide

The 19 Steps to Becoming a College Professor

What Happens if a President Is Impeached? Your Questions Answered

What Is the 25th Amendment? A Simplified Guide

When Do PSAT Scores Come Out? The PSAT Results Release Schedule

The Complete IB Extended Essay Guide: Examples, Topics, and Ideas

What Is the 14th Amendment? A Simplified Guide

How to Teach the SAT: Best Tips for Tutors and Parents

The Best IB English Study Guide and Notes for SL/HL

Every IB English Past Paper Available: Free and Official

The 10 Steps to Becoming a Psychiatrist

Printable ACT Practice Tests PDFs: 6 FREE Official Tests

The 51 Best Engineering Scholarships

NCAA ACT Scores: What You Need to Qualify

Shakespeare's Sonnet 18: Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?

The 5 Best ACT Apps (and How to Use Them in Your Prep)

The 5 Best SAT Apps & How to Use Them Effectively

Should You Do the Columbia University Science Honors Program?

When Is the December SAT? Should You Take It?

The 11 Easiest Scholarships to Apply For

Emily Dickinson's Because I Could Not Stop for Death Analysis

When Do SAT Scores Come Out? SAT Score Release Schedule

When Do SAT Subject Test Scores Come Out?

Future Years' ACT Test Dates: 2020, 2021, and Beyond

Future Years' SAT Test Dates, Schedules, and Deadlines

When Do ACT Scores Come Out? ACT Score Release Schedule

How Long Does It Take to Get ACT Scores Back?

19 Top Scholarships for High School Seniors

The 6 Steps to Becoming a Software Engineer

The Best Scholarships for Juniors in High School

Historical ACT Percentiles for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016

SAT and ACT Test Dates: Find Your Best 2021 Testing Schedule

SAT Subject Test Dates 2021: When Should You Take Them?

Enneagram Type 2: The Caring Helper

Historical ACT Percentiles for 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011

How to Become a Certified Personal Trainer: 4 Key Steps

What Is Executive Dysfunction?

The 8 Steps to Becoming a Physical Therapist

What Colleges Are Need Aware? How Does It Affect Admissions?

Enneagram Type 8: The Assertive Protector

What's Brown PLME? Acceptance Rate, Requirements, and How to Get In

The 7 Steps to Becoming a Firefighter

How to Write an SAT Essay, Step by Step

Does the SAT Essay Matter? Expert Guide

Which Colleges Require the SAT Essay? Complete List

SAT Essay Prompts: The Complete List

SAT Essay Tips: 15 Ways to Improve Your Score

Does NYU Require the SAT Essay?

The Ultimate SAT Essay Study Guide: Tips and Review

AP Exams vs SAT Subject Tests: What's More Important?

How to Get a Perfect 8|8|8 SAT Essay Score

Should I Take the SAT Essay? How to Decide

SAT Essay Rubric: Full Analysis and Writing Strategies

Does Messy Handwriting Hurt Your SAT Essay Score?

What's the Average SAT Essay Score?

Enneagram Type 7: The Enthusiast

20 Questions Game: 147 Great Questions to Try

The 127 Best Icebreaker Questions to Ask Anyone

What Are the Claremont Colleges? A Guide to the Claremont Consortium

5 Ways to Show Demonstrated Interest in a College

What Is Hybrid Learning? Blended Learning? Understanding the Models

The Official ACT Subject Guides: Expert Review

The Best CLT Practice Tests: An Expert Guide

What Is Remote Learning? Distance Learning? eLearning?

Which Colleges Accept the CLT Test? Complete List

What Is the Putnam Math Competition? How Can You Excel?

Enneagram Type 5: The Investigator

How to Win a Hispanic Scholarship Fund Award

Complete List: The Smallest Colleges in the United States

The 7 Best Online Learning Platforms

When Is the Next ACT Test Date?

How to Get Your PSAT Score Report

When Do IB Results and Scores Come Out?

The Best Prep Books for SAT Writing

When Is the PSAT? 2021 PSAT Test Dates

Help! I Put the Wrong Major on My College Application

Get the Most Out of ACT Academy Free Test Prep With These 5 Tips

The 110 Demonstrated Interest Colleges: Complete List

The New PSAT, Redesigned in 2015: Complete Guide

Does Your Major Affect Your Acceptance Into College?

Common App Instructions: How to Add Colleges and More

Everything You Need to Know About the CLT Test

When Is the Next SAT Test Date?

The Hardest SAT Reading Questions Ever

20 Top Minority Scholarships

What Is The Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search, and Why Do It?

Duke TIP SAT Score Requirements

Duke TIP ACT Score Requirements

How Long Does It Take to Get SAT Scores Back?

How to Craft a Stellar Brag Sheet

University of California Drops SAT/ACT Scores: What It Means for You

The 11 Best Pre-Law Schools

Best SAT Math Prep Books (2021): Expert Reviews

SAT Test Dates: Full Guide to Choosing (2020, 2021)

ACT Test Dates: Full Guide to Choosing (2020, 2021)

The 5 UC Application Tips You Need to Get Into University of California

Ultimate Guide to the University of California Schools

The 20 Top Public Universities

What Is the Average SAT Score for Colleges?

What Is a Parent Brag Sheet? Tips and Examples

The 14 Best Information Technology Schools

The 11 Best Undergraduate Business Schools

22 Best Colleges in the South: Which One's Right for You?

When Is the FAFSA Deadline for 2021? Federal and State

The 70 Most Conservative Colleges in America

You Need to Check Out These 70 Most Liberal Colleges in America

Is AP US History Hard? Expert Discussion

How to Become a Therapist: 6 Steps to Follow

Is AP Psychology Hard? 5 Key Factors Discussed

The SAT Scores You Need for Nursing Programs

Is AP Biology Hard? An Expert Discussion

ACT Score Percentiles and Ranks (High-Precision 2021)

What Is a Good ACT Score for 2021?

The 9 Best Honors Colleges and Programs

Average AP Scores for Every AP Exam

Simple Guide: How to Apply for Financial Aid

The Ultimate Guide to the AP Statistics Exam

The Expert's Guide to the AP Human Geography Exam

Is AP World History Hard? Expert Discussion

These Are the Hardest AP Classes and Tests for You

The Best Colleges With Low GPA Requirements

Should You Take AP English Literature or AP English Language?

The Best AP World History Study Guide: 6 Key Tips

The 44 Colleges With the Lowest SAT Scores, Ranked

Exactly How Hard Are AP Tests and Classes?

Is AP Statistics Hard? An Expert Discussion

These Are the Easiest AP Classes for You

The Ultimate Guide to the AP US History Exam

The Expert's Guide to the AP Biology Exam

The 37 Colleges With the Highest ACT Scores, Ranked

Complete List of AP Courses and Tests

What Colleges Should I Apply To? Making a College List

The 51 Most Expensive Colleges in the United States

ACT Book Guide: The Best Books for Intense Study

The 11 Best Architecture Schools for Undergrads

What Exactly Is a Target School? How to Find Yours

Updated List: Colleges With the Highest SAT Scores

Why You Shouldn't Trust US News College Rankings

Colleges With the Lowest ACT Scores, Ranked

What's a Bad SAT Score? Nationally and by College

What Is STEM? What Does It Stand For?

What Is a Safety School? How Should You Choose Yours?

What's a Good SAT Score for 2021?

The 10 Best Culinary Schools in the US

The Expert's Guide to the AP Psychology Exam

IB Test Changes for COVID-19 (Coronavirus): What You Need to Know

The 30 Best Psychology Master's Programs and How to Pick

How Many People Get a 34, 35, 36 on the ACT? Score Breakdown

ACT Percentiles and Score Rankings

Average ACT Scores by State (Most Recent)

What Is NUMATS? Should You Participate?

Best ACT Prep Books 2021

ACT Expert Guide: What's the Highest Possible ACT Score?

What Is a Good ACT Score? A Bad ACT Score? An Excellent ACT Score?

AICE Diploma: What Is It? Should You Get One?

Average ACT Scores: What They Mean For You

MIT vs Harvard: Which Is Better?

5 Ways COVID-19 Will Affect Fall 2020 College Applications

3 Tips for Writing Your Williams College Supplement

Caltech vs MIT: Which Is Better?

MIT vs Stanford: Which University Is Better?

Average ACT Score for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and Earlier Years

The 6 Best CUNY Schools and What Makes Them Great

What Is a Dual Degree Program? Should You Do One?

The 49 Cheapest Colleges in California

Can You Take the SAT Online? A Guide to Computerized Testing

UC vs CSU: What’s the Difference? Which Is Better?

4 Top Tips to Write a Stellar Syracuse Essay

The Complete List of the 25 CUNY Colleges

CUNY vs SUNY: What's the Difference?

How to Get Into a BS/MD Program: Step-by-Step Guide

How You Get an SAT Fee Waiver: Complete Guide

4 Tips for Writing Stellar Dartmouth Essays

Penn State vs UPenn: Which Is Ivy League?

Full List of 1,000+ Colleges That Don't Require ACT Scores

The 20 Best Writing Contests for High School Students

Complete List of the 17 Art Schools in California

Which States Require the SAT? Complete List

Can You Take the ACT Test Online?

Which Colleges Require All ACT Scores Sent?

What's the Minimum SAT Score for College?

Average SAT Scores: What They Are and What They Mean

ISEE Test Dates 2020-21: Your Guide to Choosing

Do ACT Scores Predict Success?

The 51 Cheapest Colleges in the US

SAT Subject Test Math 1 vs Math 2: Which Should I Take?

What Is the Minimum ACT Score for College?

How You Can Get an ACT Fee Waiver: Complete Guide

What Are HBCU Colleges? Is One Right for You?

Complete List: Weird Scholarships You Can Win (Updated)

How to Get Into Columbia: 3 Key Tips

Expert's Guide to the AP Literature Exam

Do Online SAT/ACT Classes Work? Is Online Test Prep Right for You?

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