SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips

How to Win a Hispanic Scholarship Fund Award

How Long Does It Take to Get SAT Scores Back?

Expert's Guide to the AP Literature Exam

The New PSAT, Redesigned in 2015: Complete Guide

The Complete IB Biology Syllabus: SL and HL

The 5 UC Application Tips You Need to Get Into University of California

How Many People Get a 34, 35, 36 on the ACT? Score Breakdown

ACT Percentiles and Score Rankings

ACT Score Percentiles and Ranks (High-Precision 2022)

ACT Expert Guide: What's the Highest Possible ACT Score?

Average ACT Scores by State (Most Recent)

AICE Diploma: What Is It? Should You Get One?

What Is PSAT 8/9? Should You Take It?

What Is a Good ACT Score? A Bad ACT Score? An Excellent ACT Score?

The 50 Cheapest Colleges in the US

SAT Test Dates: Full Guide to Choosing (2021, 2022)

New York State Regents Exams: What Are They? When Do You Take Them?

Best SAT Math Prep Books (2021): Expert Reviews

The SAT Scores You Need for Nursing Programs

Why You Shouldn't Trust US News College Rankings

The Expert's Guide to the AP Psychology Exam

What Is a Good ACT Writing Score?

ACT Test Dates: Full Guide to Choosing (2021, 2022)

What's an Average ACT Writing Score?

The Ultimate Guide to the AP Statistics Exam

SAT Standard Deviation: What Does It Mean for You?

The Expert's Guide to the AP Human Geography Exam

The Ultimate Guide to the AP US History Exam

What Are the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Programs? Should I Join One?

The Complete IB Economics Syllabus: SL and HL

What Is The Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search, and Why Do It?

The Complete IB Physics Syllabus: SL and HL

Duke TIP SAT Score Requirements

The Complete IB Chemistry Syllabus: SL and HL

Every IB Biology Past Paper Available: Free and Official

Duke TIP ACT Score Requirements

When Is the March SAT? Should You Take It?

What's Brown PLME? Acceptance Rate, Requirements, and How to Get In

Walmart's Live Better U: Reviews and Requirements

The 49 Cheapest Colleges in California

When Is the October SAT? Should You Take It?

Will an Associate’s Degree Transfer to Any College? Even an Ivy?

Can You Take the ACT Test Online?

Best ACT Prep Books 2022

The 6 Best CUNY Schools and What Makes Them Great

CUNY vs SUNY: What's the Difference?

Does Your Major Affect Your Acceptance Into College?

Complete List of the 17 Art Schools in California

When Do IB Results and Scores Come Out?

What Is the Minimum ACT Score for College?

When Do PSAT Scores Come Out? The PSAT Results Release Schedule

The Complete List of the 25 CUNY Colleges

9 First Generation Scholarships to Help You Pay for College

When Is the Next SAT Test Date?

The 51 Most Expensive Colleges in the United States

The Best SAT Math Practice Tests and Questions

What Is a Priority Deadline for College? Is It Important?

The 25 Best Engineering Schools in the US (and How to Get In)

Simple Guide: How to Apply for Financial Aid

What's a Good ACT Score for 2022?

What's a Good SAT Score for 2022?

The 6 Best Colleges for Undecided Majors

The 14 Best Information Technology Schools

The 11 Best Undergraduate Business Schools

The 11 Best Pre-Law Schools

22 Best Colleges in the South: Which One's Right for You?

The 70 Most Conservative Colleges in America

The 20 Top Public Universities

You Need to Check Out These 70 Most Liberal Colleges in America

The 9 Best Culinary Schools in the US

The 11 Best Architecture Schools for Undergrads

MIT vs Harvard: Which Is Better?

The Best Living Environment Regents Review Guide 2022

The Best Earth Science Regents Review Guide for 2022

Caltech vs MIT: Which Is Better?

MIT vs Stanford: Which University Is Better?

The 51 Best Engineering Scholarships

The 11 Best SAT Books Recommended for SAT Prep

The 7 Things That Really Look Good on a College Application

Which High School Classes Do Ivy League Schools Require?

Colleges With Late Application Deadlines: Complete List

You Can Get Into These Highest Acceptance Rate Colleges

What Are the Ivy League Schools? Should You Go to One?

What's the Minimum SAT Score for College?

Should You Attend Yale Young Global Scholars?

Should You Use a Priority Application for College?

Can You Take the SAT Online? A Guide to Computerized Testing

Do You Need ACT Scores to Transfer Colleges? A Guide

Beware of These 16 Worst College Majors

Which States Require the SAT? Complete List

CTY ACT Score Requirements

What Is CTY at Johns Hopkins? Complete Guide

CTY SAT Score Requirements

Here's Every College That Offers 100% Financial Aid

What Is a Trade School? How Can You Apply?

How to Get Into a BS/MD Program: Step-by-Step Guide

Average SAT Scores Over Time: 1972–2021

The Best Small Colleges in the United States

When Is the Next ACT Test Date?

How to Get Into Yale: 4 Expert Admissions Tips

Average SAT Scores by State (Most Recent)

Ultimate Guide to the University of California Schools

Ivy League Rankings: What Do They Really Mean?

College Transfer Acceptance Rates: Which Schools Accept the Most Students?

Historical SAT Percentiles: New SAT 2016-2021

ACT Full Fees & Registration: What's the Total Cost of the ACT?

What Are NCAA Divisions? Division 1 vs 2 vs 3

15 Top NYC Colleges: How to Decide If They're Right for You

What's the Highest Possible SAT Score?

Ivy Day 2022: What Is It, When Is It, and What to Do Next

How to Get Into UC Berkeley: 4 Steps to a Stellar Application

How to Get Your PSAT Score Report

What Is the Average SAT Score?

What's a Good PSAT Score for 2021?

The 36 Colleges With the Best Financial Aid

Should I Go to One of the Big 10 Schools?

What's the Average College GPA? By Major?

All the College Ranking Lists You Should Read

SAT Score Range: 3 Steps to Understanding Your Score

What Are Good SAT Scores for Colleges? 101 Schools + Advice

When Is the August SAT? Should You Take It?

When Is the April ACT? Should You Take It?

The Best ACT Prep Websites You Should Be Using

Is Stanford an Ivy League School? Is Duke? MIT?

When Is the FAFSA Deadline for 2022? Federal and State

How Long Does It Take to Send SAT Scores?

When Do College Acceptance Letters Arrive for Regular Decision? For Early Decision or Early Action?

How to Get Into Columbia: 3 Key Tips

The Most Selective Colleges, Why, and How to Get In

What Are HBCU Colleges? Is One Right for You?

Coalition vs Common App: Which Should You Use?

3 Key Tips for Writing Successful Tufts Supplemental Essays

4 Top Tips to Write a Stellar Syracuse Essay

How to Get Into Princeton: 3 Expert Admissions Tips

Penn State vs UPenn: Which Is Ivy League?

Are There Any Good For-Profit Colleges? Top 8 For-Profit Colleges

NCAA ACT Scores: What You Need to Qualify

The Complete List of NCAA Division 3 Colleges (Updated)

What Are the US Military Colleges? Should You Go?

How to Win a Coca Cola Scholarship

Which Schools Use the Coalition Application? Complete List

12 Amazing Full-Ride Scholarships You Can Win

The 13 Best Universities in the UK

When Is the PSAT? 2021 PSAT Test Dates

What Is a Dual Degree Program? Should You Do One?

UC vs CSU: What’s the Difference? Which Is Better?

The 17 Best Fine Arts Colleges in the US

The 9 Best Jesuit Colleges

What to Do If You Get Rejected From Your Dream College

What Are the Ivy League Schools' Acceptance Rates for 2021?

The 9 Best Criminal Justice Schools

The 13 Best Performing Arts Colleges in the US

What Colleges Are Need Aware? How Does It Affect Admissions?

The 30 Best Psychology Master's Programs and How to Pick

23 Colleges With the Lowest Acceptance Rates

College Waitlist: What Are Your Chances of Getting In?

How to Get Into Cornell: 4 Expert Tips

How to Get Into USC: 5 Expert Admissions Tips

The 110 Demonstrated Interest Colleges: Complete List

The Complete List of NCAA Division 1 Colleges (Most Recent)

The Complete List of NCAA Division 2 Colleges (Most Recent)

Cheap Out-of-State Colleges: Top 17 Most Affordable

Complete List of SUNY Schools: How to Pick the One for You

Complete List of Performing Arts Colleges in California

The 12 Best Universities in Canada

Which Coalition Essay Prompt Should You Choose? 2021-2022

Complete List: Which Colleges Require ACT Writing?

College Essay Prompts: Complete List, Analysis, and Advice

Which Common App Essay Prompt Should You Choose?

5 Tips to Write an Excellent UCF Application Essay

How to Write Amazing Caltech Essays

How to Get a College Application Fee Waiver: 3 Approaches

5 Tips for Writing an Amazing Villanova Essay

5 Tips for Writing a Stellar Vanderbilt Supplement Essay

4 Tips for Stand-Out Carnegie Mellon Essays

20 Top Party Colleges: Can You Still Get a Good Education?

Do You Need SAT Scores to Transfer Colleges?

Should You Take the ACT With or Without Writing?

What Is Summer Institute for the Gifted? Should You Join?

Should You Do the Columbia University Science Honors Program?

The 7 Steps of the College Application Process

Which Colleges Require All ACT Scores Sent?

What Is the SAT Waitlist? Should You Get on It?

80 Colleges With Full-Ride Scholarships

How to Become a National Merit Semifinalist

Does Your PSAT Score Qualify for National Merit?

PSAT Practice Tests (Updated)

What's a Good PSAT Score for a Junior?

The Complete Guide to the Princeton Supplement

PSAT Score Needed for National Merit Scholarship

The Best SAT and ACT Test Dates for Senior Fall

Predicted National Merit Scholarship Cutoffs for 2021 and 2022 (Updated)

Pell Grant Eligibility and Requirements: Do You Qualify?

The Best Scholarships for Juniors in High School

Complete List: Weird Scholarships You Can Win (Updated)

The Complete List of Community Service Scholarships

SAT Percentiles and Score Rankings (Updated 2021)

5 Tips for Writing the Michigan State Admissions Essay

PSAT Score Range: Where Do You Rank?

How to Write an Excellent "Why Tufts?" Essay

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