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On the SAT, How Many People Get a 1400, 1500, or 1600?

How many students get a high score on the SAT?  How many students get a perfect score?  Here we look at the number of students and the percentile of these top ranks. Then we find out whether you should retake the SAT if you get these scores.

Note: This guide was created when the SAT used its old 2400 scoring scale. Unfortunately, we don't have the same data for the current version of the SAT (out of 1600 points), but we do have a conversion chart below so you can convert your 1600-scale SAT score to a 2400-scale score and still make use of the information in this article.

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What's a Good SAT Score for 2018?

Another year, another chance to take the SAT! If you're taking the SAT this year, you might be wondering: just what is a good SAT score for 2018? Is there a particular score I should be aiming for to make sure I get into the colleges I want to go to?

To answer the question of what good SAT scores for 2018 are, this article looks at a few different definitions of what makes a good SAT score, and how this has changed over time. We also explain why SAT score goals should be specific to each student and give you step-by-step instructions for choosing your target SAT score.

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Your ACT Superscore Calculator

Planning and trying to reach your ACT target score can be stressful and frustrating. You got a 36 in Math on one test date and a 35 in Reading on another test date. Why can’t you just get all of your highest individual section scores on the same test date?

If you’re applying to colleges that superscore the ACT, you don’t have to worry about that. So what is an ACT superscore? And how do you calculate it? In this post, I’ll explain what superscoring means, how to create your own ACT superscore calculator, and how superscoring affects your test-prep strategy.

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PSAT to SAT Scores: Does One Predict the Other? What's a Good PSAT Score?

The PSAT is the first exposure many students have to college entrance exams. Because the two tests are so similar, the PSAT is very good at predicting how you'll do on the SAT. In this article, we explain the most accurate way to use your PSAT score to predict your future SAT score.

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What's a Good ACT Score for 2018?

Planning to take the ACT in the 2017-18 school year? In addition to studying for the test, you'll need to know what score to aim for. What is a good ACT score for 2018? What's a good score for each section? Has the definition of a good ACT score changed over time?

We'll start by looking at what are considered good ACT scores for 2018 using the average score and percentiles. After, we'll go over how to set an ACT goal score and then examine historical ACT score data to see whether the definition of good ACT scores has changed in recent years.

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What's a Good SAT Math or Reading/Writing (EBRW) Score?

In this article, we’ll go over how to calculate target SAT Math, Reading, and Writing scores, as well as why you might want to do this.

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How Many Questions Can You Miss for a Perfect SAT Score?

Every year about 500 students get a perfect score on the SAT. How many questions can you get wrong and still be among this elite group? Find out here in a complete breakdown of the Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections across eight official SAT practice tests.

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What's a Good SAT Score for 2017?

If you're planning on taking the SAT this year, you might be wondering how high you'll need to aim in order to get a good (or even great!) score. What is a good SAT score for 2017? More importantly, what is a good SAT score for you?

In this guide, we look at different ways to define good SAT scores for 2017 and teach you how to set an SAT goal score. In addition, we examine old SAT averages and percentiles to determine whether (and how) the definition of a good SAT score has changed over time.

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What's a Good ACT Score for an Honors Student?

It can be hard to tell what counts as a good score on the ACT, especially for high-achieving students. In this article, I'll explain what competitive ACT scores are for an honors student and what that means for you.

But first let's define our terms!

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What's a Good SAT Score for an Honors Student?

It can be hard to tell the difference between a good SAT score and a bad one, especially for high-achieving students. To help you see how you stack up against your peers, we've done a thorough statistical analysis to determine what counts as a good SAT score for an honors student. In this guide, I'll give you a sense of what a high score looks like for a top student and help you understand what that means for you.

But before we get into the data, let's define our terms.

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What's a Good New 2016 SAT Score for Your Target School?

You might have heard that a new SAT was released in March 2016! What's it out of? How do you know what a good score is? How do you determine what new SAT score you need to be accepted to your target school? I'll cover all of this information below.

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What Is the ACT Out Of?

You may have heard of this standardized test called the ACT. What's this test out of? What's the highest and lowest ACT score? And what score should you try to get? I'll answer all of these questions below.

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What's a Good ACT Score for Your College?

Hopefully at this point in your college application process you have thought about your dream schools. Whether you took the ACT once and are debating taking it again or if you are just beginning the ACT preparation process, you are probably wondering what ACT will get you accepted.

While there is no one exact ACT score that will be considered “good” for your college or guarantee you a spot, there is a particular ACT score that will you give you the best chance of being accepted. What is it? I will answer that and more by guiding you through 4 easy steps. 

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What's a Good SAT Score for Your College?


You’ve thought about your dream colleges and are wondering what SAT score will get you accepted. While there is not one number that will guarantee you a spot in the freshmen class, there is a range that will give you the best chance of admission. What is it? I'll answer that and more in this article.

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What's a Bad ACT Score?

When it comes to your college applications, you probably aren’t too worried about your ACT scores— unless, that is, you think your scores will be too low.

Don’t panic just yet! Like most things in life, ACT scores are all relative — there’s no such thing as a bad ACT score in a vacuum.  In this post, I’ll talk about what it means to have a “bad” score in relation to the entire US, your general peer group, your prospective colleges, and (maybe most importantly) yourself.

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