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Your Complete Guide to the Leo Moon Sign


If you’re at all interested in the Zodiac, you’re probably familiar with your sun sign: the sign of the Zodiac that determines your personality. This is typically the sign that correlates with your birthdate. But did you know that there’s much more to your personality than that? 

Enter your moon sign, the sign of the Zodiac that explains your emotional side. If you already know that you’re a Leo moon sign, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explain the following about the Leo moon sign: 

  • What moon signs are and how to find out if you’re a Leo moon sign
  • Top five traits of a Leo moon sign
  • Sun pairings with the Leo moon sign

Are you ready to learn about the moon in Leo? Then let’s get started!




What Are Moon Signs in Astrology? 

Moon Signs refer to the sign of the Zodiac that the moon was positioned in at the exact time and place of your birth. The moon changes form and moves through the Zodiac to enter into a new sign every two-ish days. Whereas your sun sign (also called star sign) dictates the more outward aspects of your personality, the position of the moon at your moment of birth reveals your innate emotional qualities

Your star/sun sign tells you a lot about your core characteristics, but you can’t know the full story of your personality without your moon sign. For instance, maybe you’re a Virgo star sign who isn’t highly critical...or you’re a Taurus who isn’t a homebody. Knowing your moon sign can help explain these aspects of your personality that don’t fit 100% with your star sign. 

But most of all, learning your moon sign can help you better understand your natural tendencies when it comes to expressing emotions and experiencing moods. 

But calculating your moon sign is a little trickier than finding out your sun sign. To find out your moon sign, it’s easiest to use a special program that’s designed to make these calculations, like this one. To accurately calculate your moon sign, you need to enter your exact date, time, and location of birth. Moon sign calculators can then tell you which moon you’re born under. 

Whether you’re a Leo moon sign depends on the precise moment and place you were born. This means that people with different sun signs can have a Leo moon sign! For instance, your birthdate might make you a Gemini sun, but you may also be a Leo moon. These two signs don’t have to be the same! 


Does a Full Moon in Leo Matter? 

You may find that when you were born, there was a full moon in Leo. So, does that impact your personality at all? 

The short answer is not really. Being born under a full moon in Leo (or a waxing moon, or a waning moon) doesn’t impact the ways that this sign influences the internal and emotional parts of your personality.  

Having said that, having a full moon in Leo can impact the world at large. That’s because the position of the moon in the Zodiac sends out a specific type of energy to everyone. For example, during this year’s “wolf moon” (full moon in Leo 2021), the universe was sending out creative and transformational energy. So while being born under a full moon in Leo doesn’t necessarily impact your personality, knowing when the full moon is in a certain sign can help you understand why you’re feeling a certain way at that particular moment. 



Leos are known for being creative and generous...but there's more to being a Leo moon sign than that! We'll explain a Leo moon sign's key traits below.


5 Traits of the Leo Moon Sign

People who have a Leo moon sign share some common traits when it comes to moods and emotional expression. While you may not be a Leo star sign, when you have a Leo moon sign, you’ll find that your emotions and inner self have more Leo traits (like warmth and confidence).  

Here are five important characteristics you should know about the Leo moon sign. 


Trait 1: Creativity

When the moon is in Leo, you may find yourself experiencing an explosion of creativity. Leos are known for their inventiveness. They’re often able to harness beauty and meaning from the world around them that others can’t see. 

With a Leo moon sign, you may be gifted at interpreting that beauty and meaning for the people around you in creative ways. People will learn from your unique perspective on the world. If you’re a Leo moon sign, it’s important to pursue outlets for your creativity and share your creations with others. 


Trait 2: Warmth and Generosity

Leo moon signs are typically warm and generous. They have an inner light and want to let that light shine on others. Leo moon signs often make others feel seen, included, and important through their wellspring of inner warmth. 

That warmth of spirit also makes Leo moon signs highly generous. Leo moon signs are known for freely giving their time, energy, and love to the people in their lives. If you’re a Leo moon sign, you’ll thrive when you channel your energy into helping others. 


Trait 3: Enjoys the Limelight

With all that bright energy, Leo moon signs often enjoy being in the spotlight. Part of being a Leo moon sign is having a highly expressive personality. Leo moon signs are often the center of attention, entertaining others with their good humor, quick wit, and unique perspective on life. 

Leo moon signs may benefit from activities that let them test their creative ideas on a real audience. Too much limelight can be damaging, of course, but having chances to perform in front of a crowd makes Leo moon signs feel like their creative talents leave an imprint on the world around them. 


Trait 4: Confidence

Leo moon signs walk through life with total confidence. Typically self-assured, Leo moon signs charge straight into their endeavors with a can-do attitude. They believe they can achieve the things they set out to do, and that confidence often takes them far. 

For Leo moon signs, that confidence works best when paired with a strategic mindset and ability to problem solve. To succeed, it’s important for Leo moon signs to recognize when they’re being overly confident and, most of all, to remember that asking for help isn’t a bad thing. 


Trait 5: Bossiness

Every moon sign comes with some drawbacks, and the Leo moon sign is no exception. Leo moon signs can sometimes be a bit bossy. Their relentless energy and confidence can come across as somewhat aggressive, even though they’re usually just trying to make sure things get done. 

In relationships of all kinds, it’s important for Leo moon signs to take a breath and read the room. Not every occasion requires a Leo moon sign to take charge, and sometimes it’s important to let other moon signs shine for a little while. 



Everyone has a sun sign and a moon sign...and they're often not the same ones! Here's what your sun sign paired with a Leo moon sign means for your overall personality. 


Sun Pairings With the Leo Moon Sign

Your moon sign reveals a lot about how you experience emotions...but there’s more to your personality than that! You can look at your moon sign in combination with your sun sign, the sign of the Zodiac you were born under, to fully understand your beautifully complex personality. 

When it comes to the Leo moon sign, how it is expressed can look a little bit different depending on which sun sign it’s paired with. Below, we’ll briefly go over the main personality traits of the Leo moon sign when it’s paired with each sun sign of the Zodiac. 


Aries Sun With Leo Moon

The fiery determination of Aries and optimistic strength of Leo come together in this pairing to make a positive personality. An Aries sun with Leo moon is a born leader—someone who’s charismatic, passionate, and driven to succeed. That means people with this combination might be best suited for careers that will allow them to take up a leadership position. 


Taurus Sun With Leo Moon

Taurus’s  objectivity and directness combines with Leo’s confidence to create a totally self-assured personality in this sun/moon pairing. A Taurus sun with Leo moon is great at making decisions and sticking by them, and their steadfastness will inspire others to be decisive and forthright too. 


Gemini Sun With Leo Moon

Those who are a Gemini sun with Leo moon are expressive, communicative, and artistic. The Gemini sun brings natural curiosity; when paired with the Leo moon’s intensity, this combo is constantly in pursuit of new ideas, new experiences, and people from all walks of life to share them with.


Cancer Sun With Leo Moon

A Cancer sun with Leo moon is one of the most sensitive sign pairings of the Zodiac. Cancer’s quiet empathy melds with Leo’s brightness to bring forth a big-hearted and hospitable personality that’s eager to meet the needs of others.



A Leo sun/Leo moon pairing is known for being focused, driven, and super energetic. 


Leo Sun With Leo Moon

This pairing is all Leo, so those who fall under this sign pairing are perhaps the most positive and energetic personalities of the Zodiac. This Leo/Leo pairing is extremely focused, driven by opportunities to succeed and stand out from the crowd.


Virgo Sun With Leo Moon 

Virgo’s practicality combines with Leo’s desire for success to make this pairing intensely focused on making the world—and themselves—much better. Virgo’s pragmatism tempers Leo’s tendency toward grandiosity to make a Virgo sun/Leo moon the most helpful, conscientious, and productive sign pairing of the Zodiac.


Libra Sun With Leo Moon

A Libra sun with a Leo moon personality can be summed up with one word: compassionate. Both Libras and Leos are very social, inclusive, and charismatic; this sign pairing will build many strong relationships and loyal friendships that last a lifetime.


Scorpio Sun With Leo Moon

This sun/moon pairing is extremely magnetic. People are drawn to a Scorpio sun/Leo moon because their altruism, warmth, and idealism drive them to dedicate their lives to connecting with and serving others. People with this sign combo tend to be drawn to careers where they can care and serve others. 



A Sagittarius sun/Leo moon person is all about pursuing their matter where that takes them. 


Sagittarius Sun With Leo Moon

A Sagittarius Sun/Leo Moon pairing is motivated by the desire to learn and find deeper meaning in life. With Leo’s passionate nature and Sagittarius’s hunger for freedom, this pairing pursues its dreams with lots of energy and bravery. 


Capricorn Sun With Leo Moon

When a Capricorn sun has a Leo moon sign, things can be a little complicated. Capricorns are known for being serious and restrictive, but when Leo’s open-heartedness comes into play, you get a dependable, respectful, and down-to-earth personality. 


Aquarius Sun With Leo Moon

An Aquarius sun/Leo moon pairing can be a bit theatrical: both Aquarius and Leo are playful, independent, and confident. But both signs are also highly emotional, which is best channeled into this sign pairing’s mutual interest in bringing about social justice.


Pisces Sun With Leo Moon

As two of the most intuitive and emotional signs of the Zodiac, a Pisces sun/Leo moon makes decisions from the heart. This sign pairing is deeply concerned about doing what’s right, dedicating themselves to making others happy and building secure, reliable relationships. 




Now What? 

If you’re not sure what your sun sign is, don’t worry. This primer to all things Zodiac will get you started on the right astrological path. 

Once you figure out what your Zodiac sun sign is, you can dig deeper into our sign-specific resources. For example, you might be interested in reading more about what it means to be a Leo, Taurus, or Sagittarius! You can find all of these on our blog. 

Many people use the Zodiac as a way to understand themselves better. Along with knowing your sign, you might find it interesting to uncover your Enneagram profile, too. 


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