Aquarius Moon Sign: What Does It Mean?


When it comes to Astrology, there’s a lot more to your personality than just your star sign (aka, the sign of the Zodiac you were born under). You can also learn about your moon sign to discover a whole lot more about yourself!

Each sign of the Zodiac also functions as a moon sign, and Aquarius is no exception. If you were born when the moon was in Aquarius, you may find that some of the core Aquarius traits are expressed in the more emotional and internal parts of your personality

To help you understand how the Aquarius moon sign affects your personality, we’re going to cover the following in this article: 

  • What moon signs are and what they reveal about your personality
  • The top five characteristics of the Aquarius moon sign
  • A brief description of the personality traits of each star sign when paired with the Aquarius moon sign

Let’s begin!



Knowing your moon sign will help you better understand your personality!


What Are Moon Signs? 

Your moon sign is the sign of the Zodiac that the moon was traveling through at the precise moment of your birth. The moon moves cyclically through the Zodiac and enters into a new sign about every two days. You probably already know that your star sign (also called your sun sign) reveals your core personality, but your moon sign goes deeper than that: your moon sign shapes your inner emotional life. 

Knowing your moon sign can help explain things about your personality that are tough to understand. For example, maybe you’re a Leo who doesn’t like the spotlight, or you’re a Capricorn who isn’t super ambitious. Learning about your moon sign can help explain some of the messy, complex aspects of how you process your emotions and experiences on the inside

So how do you find out what your moon sign is? To accurately calculate your moon sign, you need to know your exact date, time, and location of birth. You can use this information to calculate the position of the Moon in the Zodiac at the time you were born. The easiest way to determine your moon sign is to use a program that’s designed to make these calculations, like this one. 

Whether you’re an Aquarius moon sign depends on the precise moment and place you were born. This means that people with different star signs can have an Aquarius moon sign! 


Full Moon in Aquarius: Does It Matter? 

You may be wondering if being born under a full moon in Aquarius is important to understanding your personality better. 

The truth is that the phase of the moon (full, new, waxing, or waning) does not affect your personality. Instead, having a full moon in Aquarius affects everyone at that specific moment because of the energy it sends into the universe! 

A full moon in Aquarius is known for making people want to seek out community and take more responsibility for social problems happening around them. But this energy affects everyone regardless of their sun or moon signs. So while a full moon in Aquarius is powerful, it doesn’t impact your fundamental personality. 



People with their moon in Aquarius are unconventional, caring, and unique. Just like fingerprints, no two are alike!


Top 5 Characteristics of the Aquarius Moon Sign

People with the Aquarius moon sign may have certain tendencies when it comes to expressing emotions, forming perceptions, and processing experiences. These traits aren’t always revealed by your sun sign, and that’s why learning about your moon sign is important!

If you were born when there was a full moon in Aquarius, some of the core Aquarius traits will be a part of your personality even though you may have a different star sign. In fact, knowing the characteristics of your Aquarius moon sign can help you better understand the other aspects of your personality that are revealed by your star sign. So if you’ve never felt totally like a Leo but have a moon sign in Aquarius, there’s a good chance your moon sign is tamping some of your more Leonine characteristics!

To help you connect with the hidden parts of your personality, we’re going to explain five important characteristics of the Aquarius moon sign next


Trait 1: Unconventional

If you were born under an Aquarius Moon, you might delight in standing out from the crowd. Aquarius is known for being unconventional, bucking tradition and social norms in favor of staying true to who they truly are--even if that person comes across as a little bit eccentric. 

Being totally, authentically themselves can make an Aquarius moon sign feel content and whole. Their dedication to true self-expression opens them up to authentic connections with others, making this moon sign both an intriguing and loyal friend. 


Trait 2: Open-Minded

Open-mindedness often comes as a packaged deal with an Aquarius moon sign’s quirkiness. This moon sign is usually welcoming, tolerant, and eager to accept many different kinds of people into their social circle. 

Because of their open-mindedness, an Aquarius moon sign can be an exciting conversation partner. Aquarius moons want to share what they learn with the people in their lives, and they’ll be eager to explore new ideas and perspectives with the people they care about. 


Trait 3: Caring

Aquarius moons are usually dedicated to social justice. Humanitarianism comes naturally to this moon sign, so you’ll likely find them actively fighting inequality in meaningful ways. 

In fact, Aquarius moons are highly emotionally motivated by injustice. Their hearts break for people who’ve been dealt a bad hand, and they’ll do whatever they can to help create a world that’s a better place for everyone...especially those who’ve been overlooked by society.


Trait 4: Objective

Aquarius moons have a mind for facts. They excel at weighing the evidence and coming to the most logical conclusions. And, when they’ve weighed and measured the most useful information, they’ll be sure to apply it to real-world situations in order to help others. 

Turning toward the facts can also help Aquarius moons process their feelings about injustice in the world. When this moon sign engages in social justice efforts, they do what the evidence suggests is best for that situation. 


Trait 5: Individualistic

Though Aquarius moons easily connect with different types of people, they’re most at peace when they’re deeply connected with their inner self. This moon sign is fiercely independent, and they love testing the limits of their ability to lead and guide themselves through life’s challenges. 

Aquarius moons are emotionally fulfilled when they stay true to themselves. This often leads them off on solo adventures and in pursuit of new knowledge simply for the sake of their own enrichment. These endeavors add to an Aquarius moon’s uniqueness and ability to help others. So at the end of the day, this moon sign’s individualism can often work for the good of their community and the world. 



Your moon sign reflects your inner self, but your sun sign is a reflection of your outer personality. You'll need to know both in order to get a clearer picture of who you are!


Star Sign Pairings With the Aquarius Moon Sign

Your moon sign reveals how you process things internally, but it doesn’t tell the entire story of your personality. You can look at your moon sign in combination with your star sign/sun sign to gain a more complete understanding of your personality. 

The traits of the Aquarius moon sign can look a little bit different depending on which sun sign it’s paired with. Below, we’ll briefly describe the core personality traits of the Aquarius moon sign when it’s paired with each star sign of the Zodiac. 


Aries Sun With Aquarius Moon

An Aries sun with Aquarius moon is a strong-minded thinker who prizes their independence. Because they value the pursuit of knowledge and objectivity, Aries sun/Aquarius moon people can be somewhat emotionally detached...until their freedom or the dignity of their fellow human is under threat. This sign combo may set their cool-headedness aside to enthusiastically pursue a new idea or protect a loved one from harm. 


Taurus Sun With Aquarius Moon

Taurus sun with Aquarius moon personalities are purposeful about staying true to their values. Self-assured Taurus combines with Aquarius’s independence and quirkiness to create a combo that’s highly driven and focused on accomplishing its goals. Whether it’s curating the most unique interior decor for their home or charging full speed into humanitarian efforts, a Taurus Sun/Aquarius Moon will remain rational and logical in order to stay on course and achieve their dreams. 


Gemini Sun With Aquarius Moon

A Gemini sun/Aquarius moon loves having the freedom to think, analyze information, and experiment with what they learn in their own ways. Aquarius’s logic and cleverness can help focus Gemini’s dynamic energy, making this sign combo an intellectual powerhouse that can affect change in the world. This sign effectively combines big picture thinking with attentiveness to detail, which will help this Gemini/Aquarius combo succeed at whatever they set their minds to.


Cancer Sun With Aquarius Moon

Both Cancer and Aquarius tend to be unconventional and drawn to ideas and people that might seem a bit strange at first glance. Cancer’s natural empathy and Aquarius’s drive to help others come together to make this sign combo one of the most emotionally perceptive of the Zodiac. Cancer Sun/Aquarius Moon personalities are gentle observers, watching the world around them and analyzing what they see in order to make the best decisions. 



Leo sun/Aquarius moon combinations are known for being imaginative! 


Leo Sun With Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius moon brings much-needed self-assessment to the bold and attention-seeking Leo personality. Aquarius’s rational approach to life can also help focus Leo’s creative energies and ambition on real, achievable goals, making this sign combo somewhat unstoppable. A Leo sun/Aquarius moon will take an imaginative approach to solving everyday problems in order to make others’ lives better. 


Virgo Sun With Aquarius Moon

Virgo’s groundedness helps head-in-the-clouds Aquarius to focus a bit more on what’s going on in the here and now. This sign combo is highly intelligent, quick-witted, and pragmatic, entertaining new, complex ideas while also searching for practical applications of new knowledge in daily life. They’ll also be looking toward the future: a Virgo sun/Aquarius moon is focused on working hard and applying their intelligence in the present to create the world they want to live in.  


Libra Sun With Aquarius Moon

This sign combo is totally dedicated to genuine self-expression. Libra sun/Aquarius moon personalities value honesty, so they’ll always show their true selves in order to build authentic relationships with others. These people are also kind and generous, giving of themselves with no expectation of reward and approaching crisis moments with genuine compassion. 


Scorpio Sun With Aquarius Moon

When combined with an Aquarius moon, Scorpio personalities can look outside of themselves to focus on a higher purpose. Scorpio sun/Aquarius moon people are valuable when it comes to making high-level decisions, since they’re extremely perceptive about other people’s characters and intentions. This sign combo has the ability to remain level-headed in any situation, and their vision inspires others to follow their lead.  



A Sagittarius sun/Aquarius moon person is adventurous and energetic! Don't be surprised to find them on a photo safari or international backpacking trip. 


Sagittarius Sun With Aquarius Moon

A Sagittarius sun/Aquarius moon is energetic, progressive, and adventurous. There’s a light-heartedness to this sign combo that makes them easy to befriend, but underneath their easygoing facade is a strong commitment to fighting injustice. Unlike the typically independent Aquarius personality, though, Sagittarius influences this sign combo to pursue social justice in collaboration with likeminded people. 


Capricorn Sun With Aquarius Moon

Capricorn brings responsibility and seriousness to Aquarius’s sometimes irreverent free-spiritedness in this sun-moon combo. At the same time, the Aquarius adventurousness can help their reserved Capricorn side open up and relax a bit. In combination, a Capricorn sun/Aquarius moon will be guided by their values and principles to relentlessly pursue authentic relationships. They also enjoy challenging opportunities where their personality can excel. 


Aquarius Sun With Aquarius Moon

This all-Aquarius combination is totally unconventional, independent, and selfless. Aquarius sun/Aquarius moon personalities are guided by their inner voice and not easily swayed by trends or the status quo, but they’re highly motivated to pursue social justice. This sign combo can be found helping others and solving problems by putting their unique vision into action. 


Pisces Sun With Aquarius Moon

A Pisces sun with Aquarius moon is kind and perceptive but often emotionally complicated. While this sign combo can fluctuate between extreme sensitivity and emotional restraint, a Pisces sun/Aquarius moon will put their analytic mind to the task of processing their feelings in order to more fully understand their nature. This sign combo is guided by its ideals, and they’re often committed to putting those ideals into action through meaningful collaboration with other idealistic people. 




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