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Pisces Compatibility: Find Your Best Match


If there's one sign of the zodiac that has big feelings, it's Pisces. With enough empathy for everyone, Pisces can make a steadfast friend and partner.

But what character traits does this bleeding heart look for when it comes to love and relationships? Our full guide to Pisces compatibility will answer your questions about what makes a best match for Pisces and more, including the following:

  • The core traits of the Pisces star sign
  • The character traits that make a Pisces' best match and worst match
  • A ranking of Pisces compatible signs from least to most compatible
  • Three main takeaways for a Pisces in relationships.

Ready to learn more about this water sign? Then let's get started.

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Knowing the core traits of a Pisces will help you understand why certain signs are more compatible with Pisces than others. (Numerology Sign/Flickr)


Pisces Core Traits

As the last sign in the zodiac wheel, Pisces (born February 20-March 20) is known for taking on the emotional burdens of all of the zodiac signs that precede it. Ruled by the planet Neptune—named for the Roman god of the seas—Pisces' ability to feel, imagine, and create runs deep.

Having a Pisces friend or partner is kind of like having an on-call therapist: a Pisces will listen tirelessly to your problems as a gentle observer, never jumping to judge or offer unsolicited advice. But a Pisces can sometimes lose focus on the conversation, not because they don't care, but because they're daydreaming! Pisces is often dreaming about possibilities and realities beyond the present moment.

Because Pisces are so incredibly sensitive, they can sometimes detach from the here-and-now as a way to cope with the feelings they take on. When they really feel the need to create distance between their compassionate heart and some of the grittier aspects of life, Pisces may turn to various forms of escapism that aren't so healthy. To be the best version of themselves, a Pisces needs to be able to stay anchored to solid ground, even as they let themselves imagine and dream.

There's so much more to learn about this gentle, caring sign. Be sure to check out our complete guide for in-depth information about Pisces!




What Makes a Good Match for Pisces?

There are five important character traits that Pisces compatible signs are likely to exhibit—check them out below.


Trait 1: Groundedness

A Pisces' best match should be able to stay grounded in reality. Imaginative Pisces can tend to have their head in the clouds, dreaming about how things could be instead of dealing with the realities of daily life. A partner who can bring Pisces back down to earth—and help them think through concrete ways to deal with life's challenges that don't involve escapism—will help bring balance to this star sign's reality.

Practical signs also help Pisces make the most of their creativeness, too. While Pisces are geared toward making and imagining new things, they often struggle with the practicalities of bringing those visions to life. A grounded friend or partner can help them execute their dreams and share them with the world.


Trait 2: Patience

A Pisces never means to be difficult, but their insecurities and anxieties about doing the wrong thing can sometimes be exhausting. That's why a good partner for Pisces will need to possess an endless wellspring of patience. They'll have to be able to comfort their friend when they're feeling unsure, and their encouragement will push Pisces to chase their dreams.

Having patient people in their lives won't stop a Pisces from having these dark moments, but it does mean they'll recover from them faster. When Pisces is feeling better, they'll be endlessly grateful to their partner for being patient—and their partner can count on Pisces to show them the same patience as well.


Trait 3: Spirituality

Pisces' compatible signs will likely be highly spiritual. As one of the most spiritual signs of the zodiac, Pisces feel a strong connection to other signs who cultivate spiritual practices, live out a spiritual purpose, and like to discuss their inner world.

Pisces also sees someone with a strong spiritual life as empathetic and compassionate—two other traits that Pisces appreciates in a partner. Because a Pisces is so gentle and sensitive, having a kind person on their side is a must.


Trait 4: Objectivity

When life spins out of control, it can be hard for Pisces to see things as they really are. Pisces might exaggerate the negative aspects of a situation or obsess over possible (or impossible!) outcomes. That's why a Pisces' best match will need to have the gift of objectivity. Pisces' are attracted to people who can take a step back and see a situation for what it really is.

A Pisces needs a cool-headed partner to gently talk them down from emotional meltdowns or bouts of sadness when they can't see reason on their own. When things are going well for a Pisces, they'll also need a friend or partner whose objectivity can help them identify concrete actions to take in order to put their creative plans into action.


Trait 5: Straightforwardness

A Pisces' acute sensitivity to the feelings of others can sometimes lead them to suppress their own feelings. They may be afraid of hurting others' feelings or causing offense, so they tend to keep their true feelings to themselves to avoid causing harm to themselves and others. Unfortunately, this isn't good for a Pisces, either. This sign is happiest when they can be vulnerable!

With a straightforward partner, Pisces may feel safe to be straightforward as well. In a relationship, Pisces' hesitation to be honest about what they're thinking and feeling can send mixed signals to their significant other, which can lead to conflict. That's why a Pisces' most compatible sign needs to be kind but direct. That way they can be honest with a Pisces about how their emotional dishonesty affects the relationship, and encourage a Pisces to speak their truth, even if they're a little scared.



Pisces are patient and gentle people, which means there are some signs that might be too brash and bold for them. Here are qualities that Pisces should be wary of in a partner or friend.


What Makes a Bad Match for Pisces?

The following five traits that just aren't compatible with this star sign. If you have one or more of these traits, you might be a poor match for a Pisces!


Trait 1: Passive Aggressiveness

Pisces' usual approach to conflict is to communicate passive-aggressively, so if their partner defaults to the same conflict resolution style when things get heated, nothing will ever be resolved. In fact, a pair of passive-aggressive partners can inflict more heartache in the long run.

A partner who can resist the urge to respond to Pisces' cryptic barbs with underhanded comments can bring out a better side of Pisces. Not only will it help conflict resolve more quickly, it will also encourage Pisces to maintain healthy approaches to resolving conflict in the relationship.


Trait 2: Dominance

Tenderhearted Pisces can struggle to be assertive. When paired with a domineering partner, Pisces tends to follow their lead wherever they may go—even if it's to a place that isn't in Pisces best interest. In the worst case scenarios, this type of lopsided relationship can leave Pisces feeling like they don't have any power to make decisions for themselves.

Pisces' submissiveness comes from a genuine place of wanting to put others' needs first and make their loved ones happy. But this can backfire when Pisces' friends and family don't know when to back down. Pisces need friends and partners who pursue compromise in a relationship.


Trait 3: Insensitivity

Whether it's directed toward Pisces or others, insensitivity is a big turn off for Pisces. This star sign can't stand to see others hurting, and Pisces will struggle to understand the motives of a partner who acts insensitively.

Of course, some personality traits may manifest as insensitivity even when they aren't intended that way—like assertiveness or brutal honesty, for instance. If you're the type of person who just "tells it like it is" regardless of the consequences, then you're probably not a good fit for a Pisces.


Trait 4: Perfectionism

Pisces' most compatible signs aren't likely to be perfectionists. Pisces are creative, which often means that they experience a few false starts before they get to where they want to go. But Pisces also tend to be pretty hard on themselves, so a perfectionist partner will likely only add fuel to Pisces' fires of self-criticism.

When Pisces senses perfectionism in a friend or partner, this star sign may retreat because they're afraid of being judged. Being with someone who can laugh at small mistakes and listen without judging will make Pisces feel like they don't have to present a facade of perfection in the relationship. This will also make a Pisces feel like they can be vulnerable, too!


Trait 5: Emotional Withdrawal

When facing interpersonal conflict, some star signs will emotionally withdraw to get what they want. Pisces is one of those signs, which means they don't do well with partners who also tend to pull away.

Ultimately, star signs who close off emotionally during disagreements probably just do so as a form of self-protection, but when two are emotionally withdrawn, it's the relationship itself that will suffer. With Pisces, a partner who can gently draw everything out into the open for purposeful processing will help Pisces feel safe to share.




Who Are Pisces Compatible With? Each Star Sign Ranked From Least to Most Compatible

Pisces compatibility with the other signs of the zodiac depends on how each star sign approaches communication, shared interests, and values. The table below gives you the full rundown of how each star sign fits with Pisces based on their compatibility in love, friendship, and communication.

Sign Pairing Overall Compatibility Love Friendship Communication
Pisces Medium High Medium Medium
Aries Low Medium Medium Low
Taurus High High High Medium
Gemini Low Low Low Medium
Cancer High High High High
Leo Medium Medium Medium Medium
Virgo Medium High High Medium
Libra Medium Medium Medium Medium
Scorpio High High High High
Sagittarius Low Medium Low Low
Capricorn High High High High
Aquarius Low Low Medium Medium


Next, we'll describe Pisces compatible signs from least, to mid, to most compatible.



If a Pisces is looking for a deep and fulfilling relationship, they should definitely keep these zodiac signs in mind.


High Pisces Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

So who is Pisces most compatible with, exactly? The star signs that make a Pisces' best match are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.


Pisces and Taurus

Taurus and Pisces are well-suited for domestic bliss, sharing sensuality, creativity, and an enthusiasm for intellectual discussions. They'll be able to while away the hours at home, creating, decorating, and even hosting parties for those they love.

Taureans also provide Pisces the grounding they so desperately need. A Taurus doesn't mind being practical, which can help a Pisces live their best life. Additionally, a Pisces' gentle nature can help a Taurus feel comfortable breaking out of their routine to enjoy new things. While they don't share every trait, this pair balances each other in all the right ways.


Pisces and Cancer

Cancer and Pisces are known nurturers, and they'll find the attentiveness and compassion they both crave in one another. As highly empathic signs, though, these two can take on each other's emotional burdens...which is a good thing! Oftentimes Pisces can feel like they're carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, but Cancers are willing and able to lighten their emotional load.

In fact, both Pisces and Cancer shine when they're making meaningful connections with others. A Pisces-Cancer couple can spend a lifetime extending their well-known hospitality to friends and family and bonding over the thrill of making others feel right at home. Don't be surprised when this couple shows up with a hot meal when you're going through a hard time, or lets you stay with them for weeks while you're looking for a new place to live. The shared values of kindness and generosity make this pairing one that's destined to be successful.


Pisces and Scorpio

Scorpio and Pisces are both highly spiritual. These two will connect deeply through their dedication to nurturing a rich inner life and living out well-honed grounding principles. Pisces and Scorpio will recognize each other's sensitive side and by willing to create space for both partners to express their emotions safely.

The other thing these signs have in common? Valuing emotional honesty. Both Scorpios and Pisces want their partners to be open and honest with them. Having faith that the other partner will love them unconditionally and choosing to be honest about their feelings will keep a Pisces-Scorpio couple together for life.


Pisces and Capricorn

Capricorn and Pisces have very different habits and seem like total opposites, but their common interests can bring them together in a strong, dutiful relationship. While a Cap is a conformist and a Pisces a bit of a rebellious dreamer, these two will connect over their desire to see and experience new cultures, places, and ideas. They want to live big, and because of that, they can be great fits for one another!

Their opposite skill sets can make these star signs feel like missing pieces in each other's puzzles. A Capricorn will work tirelessly to help a Pisces sketch out the details of their creative vision, and a Pisces will bring much-needed spontaneity and creative energy to a Capricorn's structured reality. These two are well-suited to grow and learn together in a long term relationship.



If a Pisces is in a relationship with these signs, they should be prepared to communicate and compromise in order to make things work!


Medium Pisces Compatibility: Pisces, Leo, Virgo, Libra

There are four Pisces-compatible signs that exhibit both traits that click with a Pisces, and other traits that a Pisces should avoid. These signs are Pisces, Leo, Virgo, and Libra.


Pisces and Pisces

Two Pisces in a relationship will delight in doting on each other. As the healers of the zodiac, a pair of Pisces will find wonderful helpers in each other. In fact, they may find themselves arguing over who gets to care for the other (like who gets the first backrub, who does the extra chores this week, or who picks up dinner on the way home from work).

Where this pairing can get tricky is in the realm of communication. Pisces struggle to be straightforward about what they're feeling in a relationship—especially when they're dissatisfied. This dynamic can result in two resentful people who are feeling big feelings but not saying much about them. Miscommunication and hurt feelings will occur unless both Pisces can step up and be honest about their emotions—which will lead to stronger intimacy.


Pisces and Leo

A Leo and a Pisces can make a good pairing since they complement each other well. A Leo's ability to take charge can compensate for Pisces' wishy-washiness, and a Pisces' inventiveness can inspire a Leo's own creative process. In this coupling, a Leo isn't afraid to take the lead...which can take a lot of pressure off of a Pisces, who doesn't mind going with the flow.

But this pair should beware of each other's sensitive side: both Leo and Pisces tend to lash out when they feel insecure, and may take hurtful cheap shots at each other to avoid true vulnerability. For this match to work, Leos must Picses take the reins every now and then, and Pisces must work through their insecurities in healthy ways.


Pisces and Virgo

Pisces and Virgos connect over their desire to help and nurture others. Like two sides of the same coin, Virgo identifies the issues that need healing, while Pisces extends empathy and offers a listening ear. Together, this pair does an excellent job at making the people around them feel loved.

But both Virgo and Pisces fear being judged, which can lead both partners to lock away their thoughts and feelings. This is especially true if Virgo's perfectionism becomes too pronounced—Pisces may hide their mistakes and lash out at Virgo passive aggressively. If these two can communicate with love and understanding, they can form a solid bond.


Pisces and Libra

Dreamers Libra and Pisces have the makings for a storybook romance. These two love to spend their time reveling in life's beauties and mysteries. Pisces and Libra will bond over music, art, food, and most of all, the beauty they see in each other. If you're looking for a match out of a romance novel, this is it!

However, these star signs must be careful not to float too high into the clouds of fantasyland. When reality strikes, things can start to unravel for a Pisces-Libra match. Both tend to shut down in the face of chaos and can spin each other into an obsessive turmoil. Keeping one foot planted on solid ground is the key to this magical pairing working out for the long haul.



While Pisces are pretty mellow, that doesn't mean they get along with everyone. Here are the signs that Pisces are most likely to clash with.


Low Pisces Compatibility: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Four star signs are known for having low Pisces compatibility. These signs are Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.


Pisces and Aries

While Pisces and Aries can balance out some of each others' strengths and weaknesses, these two signs have drastically different dispositions that may cause conflict. Aries' brashness may intimidate a soft spoken Pisces, which will deter Pisces from being open about their needs and desires. On the other hand, a Pisces' unpredictable emotions may be frustrating to an Aries, who will struggle to follow a Pisces' mercurial moods.

Ultimately, these star signs both struggle to open up, communicate clearly, and build trust, leading to a rocky relationship.


Pisces and Gemini

Geminis tend to be emotionally distant, which can make Pisces feel insecure. Pisces want emotional vulnerability from their partners, so it's tough for them if they feel like they can't connect!

Additionally, both Pisces and Geminis are susceptible to sudden mood swings that can make it hard for their relationship to feel secure. This can make both partners feel like they're being duped, causing resentment and dissatisfaction to set in. The best thing these two can do is be relentlessly honest and own up to wrongdoings in the relationship if they want it to work out.


Pisces and Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Pisces are practically polar opposites. Where a Pisces is sensitive and tenderhearted, a Sagittarius is thick-skinned and not particularly concerned with how others feel. When conflict arises, a Sag may pile on more brutal honesty than a Pisces can handle, then roll their eyes when a Pisces' feelings are (understandably) hurt.

On the other hand, getting Sagittarians to talk about their feelings is like pulling teeth—a process that considerate Pisces will shy away from, no matter how much they want to connect with Sag on a deeper emotional level.

For this pairing to have a chance, both signs must be willing to resist some of their fundamental behaviors in order to make the other feel understood and loved.


Pisces and Aquarius

Pisces and Aquarians share a passion for helping others. If a Pisces-Aquarius partnership lacks a shared vision for social action, this pair struggles to make it work. A Pisces' emotional complexity may take more effort to decode than an Aquarius is willing to put forth, and Aquarius's stoicism can make a Pisces feel isolated.

Unfortunately, the issues don't stop there. An Aquarius' tendency to avoid intimacy will make a Pisces wall themselves off. That emotional distance can create a deep fissure in an Aquarius-Pisces relationship that leaves both parties unhappy. In the end, Aquarians may not make the best match for Pisces.




The 3 Big Takeaways for Pisces Compatibility

You might be wondering what to do with all of this information about Pisces' most compatible signs. We'll sum it all up by offering three takeaways for Pisces here.


#1: You Are More Than Your Sign

Remember that zodiac signs are a fun way to do some self-analysis—they don't dictate who you are or how others view you! While you may embody some Pisces traits, you probably don't identify with them all. That's normal: as people, we're shaped by our experiences. So don't let your zodiac sign stand between you and your relationships!


#2: Find Your Inspiration

Having said that, many Pisces identify as dreamers who are inspired by those around them. Use that to your advantage when you're looking for friends or partners! Everyone has something inspirational about them, whether that's a skill they've developed or a challenge they've overcome.

Our advice? Looking for inspirational traits another person is a great way for you to connect with others--and build healthy relationships, too.


#3: Speak Up About Your Needs

You can make a relationship work with any star sign—you both just have to be willing to compromise, empathize, and be kind in all circumstances. But in many instances, it's hard for another person to guess what you need in a relationship. Make sure you articulate what makes you happy and what doesn't. When you do, you'll find that others will work hard to make you feel loved and cared for!




Now What?

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