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Virgo Moon Sign: What Does It Mean?


If you’ve learned that your moon sign is in Virgo, then you’re probably wondering what that might mean for your personality. People born under the Virgo moon are known to be service-oriented and refined--and understanding how the Virgo moon sign affects your life can help you determine how to make the most of these gifts!  

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about having your moon in Virgo, including: 

  • What moon signs are, and how they work with sun signs
  • The 6 most important traits of the Virgo moon sign
  • Each of the 12 sun signs paired with the Virgo moon sign

So, read on for key Virgo moon personality traits, and how your sun sign works together with your Virgo moon!



Read on to learn more about what a moon sign is and how your moon sign impacts you! 


Understanding Moon Signs

You may already know that your sun sign determines your motivations and major interests in life. But it isn’t the only part of your birth chart that impacts your personality! Your moon sign represents your inner feelings and emotions--who you are deep inside. It affects your personal, private thoughts and impulses that you might not always share with others, as well as your patterns of behavior, your imagination, and your adaptability to change. 

Oftentimes if you don’t feel like your sun sign really describes you, it’s because you are feeling the impact of your moon sign! So someone with a Virgo sun and Pisces moon may have the practicality of Virgo, but they may also have the dreaminess of Pisces. With a Virgo sun and a Scorpio moon, however, the hard-working nature of Virgo would be made even more extreme by the determination of the Scorpio moon.

While all you need to know is the day you were born to figure out your sun sign, in order to calculate your moon sign, you'll need to know the day, year, and exact time that you were born. That’s because the moon cycles through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac every month, changing signs approximately once every two to two-and-a-half days. 

So, if the moon was in Virgo at the time of your birth—even if your sun sign isn’t Virgo!— your innermost needs, your emotions, and the way you handle and express them will be governed by the traits associated with this adaptable earth sign.


“Full Moon” in Virgo: Does It Matter in Your Birth Chart?

If you have heard the phrase “full moon in Virgo,” you may be wondering if the phase of the moon on the day you were born impacts your moon sign. So for instance, can you have a “full moon” in Virgo in your birth chart? 

The answer is short and sweet: the phase of the moon (full, waxing, waning) isn’t really important in this case. In other words, the phase of the moon in your moon sign doesn’t actually impact your personality in any meaningful way

So, if you have a Virgo moon sign it doesn’t matter whether you were born with a waxing, a waning, or a full moon in Virgo, you will still have the traits of the Virgo moon personality.




6 Major Traits of the Virgo Moon Sign

Because your moon sign determines your emotional needs and patterns of behavior, and Virgos are often mistakenly described as “cold” or “unemotional,” you may be worried about this moon sign placement. But rest assured, nothing could be further from the truth! 

People born with the moon in Virgo are sensitive and sympathetic souls. If your moon is in Virgo you are likely curious about the world around you, service-oriented, organized, analytical, and refined. 

Below you’ll find descriptions of the six key traits of those born under the Virgo moon!


Trait 1: Curious

If your moon is in Virgo, then Wikipedia is probably your best friend! The natural curiosity of those born with a Virgo moon sign is nearly unmatched anywhere else in the zodiac. People with this placement in their birth chart are eager to learn as much as they can about the world and people around them. With a quick mind, they absorb information on a wide range of topics like a sponge. 

Virgo moon individuals are likely to have many different interests and hobbies over the course of their lives. This might mean that one day they take up pottery, and the next they learn how to fix their own cars (or simply read articles about astrology!). However, because this curiosity can make them mentally restless, they may not go into any of these topics in depth. 

But more than anything else, Virgo moon folks are curious about people--what they do, what they create, and what makes them tick. People watching is one of their favorite hobbies! 


Trait 2: Service-Oriented 

More than any other moon sign in the zodiac, people born with a moon in Virgo need to feel useful to others. This drive towards being of service is a deep emotional need, and it must be met for moon Virgos to feel a sense of self-worth. 

Because Virgos take their work very seriously, many people with this placement gravitate towards careers in the “helping professions” to fulfill their need to be of service. They may find work as doctors, nurses, or social-workers very fulfilling! 

Even if they don’t choose a job that is service-oriented, people with a Virgo moon sign still feel the need to help make life better for those around them. They may do this by volunteering at a local homeless shelter, mowing the yard of an elderly neighbor, or simply by doing their partner’s laundry without complaint. 


Trait 3: Practical

Virgo is well-known as the most practical of the signs, and this applies to individuals with a Virgo moon as well. As logical thinkers, they often choose to do the practical thing as efficiently as possible. For the person with a moon in Virgo, concrete results are far more valid than either speculative theories or good intentions. For these people, grandiose plans have little value if they aren’t feasible. 

This inclination towards practicality means that many of the life-goals of someone with the Virgo moon personality are fundamentally realistic. Having a home, family, friends, good health, an interesting job, and financial stability are some of the most cherished dreams of individuals with this moon placement. While other, more flamboyant signs may find this to be modest (or even boring), people born with the moon in Virgo know that these things are key to being content--and they believe that when we have realistic goals, we’re more likely to achieve them!



People who have a Virgo moon sign tend to be organized. (Like...they have the cleanest desks EVER.) 


Trait 4: Organized

People born with the moon in Virgo are inclined to be organized by nature. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that their books are alphabetized and their closets color-coded. It’s true that they don’t like things to be messy, but that goes for messy thoughts, messy emotions, and messy processes, too. 

While they may very well keep an uncluttered home and have the most organized junk drawer you’ve ever seen, it is just as likely that their natural inclination towards organization might be more personal or internal. This could mean that they spend time analyzing their deepest feelings in order to understand each of the causes, or that they have a knack for putting complex ideas into an easy to understand, logical format. Or perhaps they’ve created a perfectly sequenced workout routine. 


Trait 5: Analytical

People with Virgo as their moon sign are naturally analytical--they have excellent critical thinking skills, and use their powers of analysis to understand themselves and others on a deeper level. 

But this urge to analyze is not without a practical purpose. These folks analyze situations, processes, and people so that they can optimize them. For instance, they might observe and evaluate a friend’s TV watching habits so they can give them the best possible recommendations. Or they might study the behavior patterns of mice in order to build a better and more humane mousetrap. Virgo moon people just want to be helpful, after all!


Trait 6: Refined

The Virgo moon individual is often polite, tactful, and subtle. They have both good manners and good taste, instinctively valuing quality in all things. And they will always prefer the timeless over the trendy (in fashion, art, architecture, etc.) Discernment is an inborn gift of these observant individuals, and “settling for less than the best” isn’t in their vocabulary.

You might say that refinement is a way of life for people born with this placement. In addition to cultured behavior and tastes, these folks tend to constantly work to “refine” themselves (aka, to remove their own unwanted personality traits) in order to become the best version of themselves possible. This process may take a lifetime, but to someone with a moon in Virgo, it’ll be worth the time and effort. 




The 12 Sun Signs With Virgo Moon

If you or someone you know has a moon sign in Virgo, keep reading to find out how the sun and moon work together in the birth chart to shape a person’s personality!


Aries Sun/Virgo Moon

Being born with the active, impulsive spirit of Aries, combined with the need for order of Virgo can make these folks struggle to harmonize their inner and outer needs. Nevertheless, they will be both original and witty, preferring to live in the moment like other Aries (at least in public). But like Virgos, they will desire to have a safe and comfortable home in which to recoup from their adventures.

In order to develop a better relationship between their inner and outer selves, people with this combo should try to use their Virgo side to calculate and assess risks before they take them instead of worrying about the consequences after the fact. 


Taurus Sun/Virgo Moon

The double earth sign energy of this sun/moon pairing ensures that these people will be realistic, pragmatic, and grounded. The sensuality and humor of Taurus meets the mental quickness of Virgo, making those born with combination fun to have at parties (if you can get them to attend, that is)! These folks will be both reliable and charming, but they may also have trouble beginning new projects. 

Because a Taurus tends to be slow-moving at the start of new ventures, and a Virgo can become paralyzed by worry, people with this sun/moon combo may find that taking action can be difficult. But trusting themselves a bit more would help them feel more comfortable choosing a path and striking out on it!


Gemini Sun/Virgo Moon

With the sun in energetic and intellectual Gemini and the moon in organized and hard-working Virgo, people with this pairing are some of the best multi-taskers of the zodiac. Because both signs are naturally curious and Virgo is so down-to-earth, these folks simply seem like more stable Geminis.

They will have active social lives and many projects going on at once--keeping busy is a must with this combo! Because their minds are so active, they may tend to lose interest in their projects before finishing them, but exerting more of their Virgo focus could help see them through. 


Cancer Sun/Virgo Moon

Here the emotionally sensitive qualities of Cancer meet the desire for order and comfort of Virgo. As such, people born with this combination are likely to be homebodies who enjoy routine. They are affectionate caretakers of those they love, and want a happy home and family more than anything else in life. 

But because both signs are givers by nature, these folks need to remember to take care of their own needs, not just the needs of their family and friends. Self-nurturing is a must for these wise and kind souls. 


Leo Sun/Virgo Moon

Because Leo craves the limelight and Virgo prefers to work behind the scenes, this sun/moon pairing may initially seem to be contradictory. But here the often over-the-top qualities of Leo are made more realistic by Virgo, so these folks can benefit others (something both signs value). The practicality of Virgo combined with the creative idealism of Leo makes for a well-rounded world-changer who is dignified and competent.

As long as they remember that the Virgo desire to have time alone is a real need that can’t be ignored by their sociable Leo side, people born with this combo can use their energy to become the admired leaders they want to be!



Someone with a Virgo/Virgo pairing is going to be extremely kind and curious.


Virgo Sun/Virgo Moon

With both their sun and moon in Virgo, people born with this combo are extremely observant  and trustworthy. They want to be of service to others, and they’ll apply their unmatched skills of analysis to try to fix the problems they see in the world around them. Intellectually curious, these folks are kind and helpful, but will also be ruled by their heads rather than their hearts. 

While this is generally a harmonious combination because their inner needs match their outer persona, people born with Virgo sun/Virgo moon may struggle at times with anxiety and undeserved feelings of guilt. They should remember that the weight of the world is not on their shoulders alone.


Libra Sun/Virgo Moon

Here the charm of the Libra sun sign is paired with the logic and desire to be useful of the Virgo moon. The result is an idealistic (yet pragmatic!) person who is expressive and gentle. They will use their considerable creativity in the arts or in working for social justice--aesthetics and “fairness” are important to those born with this combination.

Because Libra is naturally indecisive, and Virgo is a natural worrier, these folks may need to work extra hard to commit to a course of action. But rest assured, they will make a good choice!


Scorpio Sun/Virgo Moon

Scorpio sun Virgo moon people combine the determination of Scorpio with the intellectualism of Virgo, making them nearly impossible for others to cheat or manipulate. They will quickly see the truth behind people and situations like Scorpio, and will use their analytical Virgo skills to give advice to friends and strangers alike. 

Because they are persistent, astute, and driven, they can succeed in life no matter what their goals may be. But they must remember not to set impossibly high standards for themselves and others. 



Sagittarius sun/Virgo moon pairings tend to be mentally flexible. Physically...well, it depends on how much yoga you do! 


Sagittarius Sun/Virgo Moon

When the straightforward and broad-minded Sagittarius sun combines with the discernment and intelligence of the Virgo moon, the result is an enthusiastic and honest person who easily understands complicated philosophies and how to put them to use in the real world. These folks are flexible, generous, and live life to the fullest!

People born with this combination will always try to find the common ground between people and things. Their Virgo moon practicality can help the Sagittarius sun stay grounded and realistic as they seek for unity.


Capricorn Sun/Virgo Moon

Those born with this double earth sign combo will plan for the future methodically, and then work hard to achieve their goals. Because Capricorn is so determined, and Virgo is so observant, people with this combination of signs can be amazingly good at whatever they set their mind on doing.  

These folks won’t waste time daydreaming but will instead plan a course of action, then execute it expertly. But they may easily become work-obsessed. Remembering to take the time to have fun once in a while is good for them!


Aquarius Sun/Virgo Moon

Change is the ultimate life goal of people born with an Aquarius sun and Virgo moon. Both signs naturally want to improve situations around them, although Aquarius typically does this by thinking-outside-the-box, while Virgo prefers to analyze and critique. When these opposite approaches can be made to work in harmony, the result is that people with this combo achieve unconventional results through conventional methods. 

These folks tend to be helpful and cheerful, but they may need to work on not pushing others too far past their boundaries in their single-minded drive for progress. 


Pisces Sun/Virgo Moon

Pisces and Virgo are opposite signs in the zodiac, but when they work together, they create a whole greater than the sum of their parts. The Pisces sun sign is artistic, emotional, and intuitive--but with a moon in Virgo, these Pisces individuals are better than most at using their insights and impressions in a realistic way. 

These folks will be sensitive to the needs of others and consistently thoughtful. While the harmony of this combo means that they can achieve their goals without much trouble, the Pisces sun/Virgo moon individual may struggle to be authoritative--even though they know what’s best!




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