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logo-act-print.pngPrepScholar helps you prepare for the ACT by giving you free ACT resources. Browse through our comprehensive list of real, official ACT practice tests. Find out ACT general info, section strategies, section content, and other resources. To read our free blog resources, you don't need to register or create an account — you can get started today!


PrepScholar has a multitude of resources to help students. While we do have a paid Online Prep course, we also offer a stunning range of materials available for free on our blog right here. Think of this page as a flexible index of sorts that categorizes ACT Prep material for you!


General ACT Info

ACT Test Dates
Intro to the ACT
Last Minute ACT Strategies
What's a Good ACT Score?


ACT Practice Tests

ACT Practice Tests: Free and Printable
Free Older Official ACT Practice
High-Quality Alternatives to ACT Practice Tests
How to Get the Most Out of ACT Practice Tests


ACT Math

Getting Started
Overall Guide

Targeting a 36

Formula Strategies
Guessing Strategies
Plugging in Numbers Strategies
Question Order Strategies

Algebraic Functions
Algebraic Operations
Conic Sections
Coordinate Geometry


ACT English

Getting Started
Overall Guide
Targeting a 36

General Strategies

General Tips

Add/Delete Questions
Adjectives vs Adverbs
Faulty Modifiers
Grammar Rules
Parallel Structure
Parts of Speech
Pronoun Agreement
Pronoun Case
Relevance Questions
Run-On Sentences and Fragments
Subject Verb Agreement
Transition Questions
Verb Tenses and Forms
Word Choice and Diction
Wordiness and Redundancy


ACT Reading

Getting Started
Overall Guide

Targeting a 36

Strategies and Content
Approaching ACT Reading
Classification / Question Types
How to Stay Focused
Inference Questions
Paired Passages
Time Strategies


ACT Science

Targeting a 36

Time Management
Top Strategies
Why Science Is Really About Reading

Calculating Questions
Conflicting Viewpoints
Experimental Design Question
Factual Questions
Interpreting Experiments
Interpreting Trends
Passage Types


ACT Writing

Is ACT Writing Important?

Strategies and Content

How to Write an ACT Essay


ACT Prep Plans

Best ACT Prep Books
How to Get a Perfect ACT Score
10-Day ACT Study Plan


College Resources

Facts Straight From the Admissions Officer
How College Admissions Officers Read Recommendations
How to Get Into Harvard


While the resources above are vast, if you want it packaged up all-in-one as part of a full ACT course with even more content, quizzes, and practice, we recommend our Online Prep Program.


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