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Capricorn Moon Sign: What You Should Know


If you’re interested in Astrology, you might be aware that there’s more to your Zodiac sign than just your sun sign. Learning about your moon sign can help you uncover a whole new facet of your personality that you may not have known about before!

But what is a moon sign, anyway? Are there different moon signs, and how do they affect your personality? In this article, we’re going to answer these questions and more about the moon signs of the Zodiac by focusing on the Capricorn moon sign

We’ll cover the following info about the Capricorn moon sign: 

  • An explanation of what moon signs are and how they shape your personality
  • The top five traits of a Capricorn moon sign
  • A brief overview of the Capricorn moon sign when it’s paired with each Star Sign of the Zodiac

Are you ready? Then let’s get started!




What Are Moon Signs? 

You’re probably familiar with sun signs, or the sector of the Zodiac that the sun was in when you were born. These can also be called sun signs, and they generally correspond to your birthdate. So someone born on August 9th you would be a Leo, whereas a person born on December 13th is a Sagittarius.  

But each person also has a moon sign, which refers to the exact position of the moon in the Zodiac at the precise moment of your birth. Finding out your moon sign can help you understand some of the hidden aspects of your personality, such as how you process emotions and perceive your experiences. 

Basically, your moon sign can tell you a lot about your feelings, thoughts, and inner emotional world. There might be aspects of how you express your emotions that don’t jive with the core traits of your star if you’re an Aquarius who’s in touch with your feelings or a Gemini who isn’t emotionally expressive. These seemingly contradictory characteristics can often be explained by your moon sign, which interacts with your sun sign to tell the full story of your personality. 

To find out what your moon sign is, you need to know the precise time and location of your birth. This information can be used to calculate the position of the moon in the Zodiac at the time of your birth. The sign that the moon was passing through when you were born is your moon sign. If you want someone else to do the work of figuring out your moon sign, you can use a program like this one. Just input your date, time, and location of birth and it will tell you your moon sign!




Top 5 Traits of a Capricorn Moon Sign

If you’re a Capricorn moon sign, this means that there may be specific aspects of your personality that fit into the profile of the Capricorn sign. These characteristics might not be fully explained by your sun sign...which is why understanding a little bit more about the Capricorn moon sign can help you get in touch with some of your unexplained personality traits!

If you’re a moon in Capricorn, woman or man, you’ll find that energy guides your instinctive reactions in life, since the Moon is associated with the image of the mother and security, comfort, and safety. In fact, knowing the characteristics of your Capricorn moon sign can help you better understand how you process emotions, experiences, and perceptions internally. 

To help you connect with the parts of your personality that are governed by your moon sign, we’re going to explain five important characteristics of the Capricorn moon sign next. 


Trait 1: Practical 

A Capricorn moon sign can be counted on to be highly practical. This moon sign won’t be caught with their head in the clouds: Capricorn moons are always thinking about how their knowledge and skills can be applied in real situations to get things done. 

Capricorn moons enjoy stability and living in an ordered reality, which motivates them to use their time and resources in sensible ways. While very intelligent, Capricorn moon signs won’t spend a lot of time ruminating over ideas. They’ll weigh the evidence efficiently then make an uncomplicated plan of action--a skill that friends, family, and employers will value in this moon sign. 


Trait 2: Serious

Capricorn moons tend to approach life with a serious spirit. This is because they place a high value on tangible outcomes and getting results. Capricorns may feel like there’s little time for playing around when to-do lists need checking off. 

In a Capricorn moon’s reality, accomplishing goals requires a consistent thoughtfulness that only the most dedicated people possess. This means that Capricorn moons tend to gravitate toward others who are as serious about getting things done as they are, which may lead them to build up a network of highly skilled and accomplished friends and fellow professionals. 


Trait 3: Ambitious

“Relentlessly ambitious” accurately describes a Capricorn moon sign. This moon sign is highly motivated by opportunities to receive external recognition and measurable achievements. 

But Capricorn moons aren’t entitled--they’re just willing to work extra hard to receive recognition. Their dedication and drive often give Capricorn moons many opportunities for leadership and advancement at work, and their diligence earns them the respect and admiration of their peers. 


Trait 4: Responsible

Capricorn moons are some of the most reliable people of the Zodiac. They’re known for feeling a strong sense of responsibility toward their own values, principles, and goals and letting that sense of responsibility guide their everyday actions. 

This moon sign can also be counted on to be responsible for major projects because they’re highly attentive to all the minutiae of a situation. Capricorn moons believe that success is determined by how effectively a person attends to the details. Because of this, this moon sign is usually effective at making sure plans go off flawlessly.  


Trait 5: Sensitive

While serious and exacting when it comes to achieving goals, Capricorns can also be highly sensitive. This sensitivity is actually tied to their strong sense of responsibility: Capricorn moons take their responsibilities very seriously, and they tend to react emotionally if they fail to accomplish something or don’t fulfill their commitments at the high standard they’ve set for themselves. 

Because they hold themselves to such a high standard, Capricorn moons can definitely benefit from integrating some self-compassion into their perceptions of themselves. Contrary to a Capricorn moon’s belief, perfection isn’t attainable, so it’s important for this moon sign to be dedicated to being kind to themselves, too. 



Your moon sign only tells one part of your astrological story. Your sun sign also impacts your personality, too. 


Star Sign Pairings With the Capricorn Moon Sign

Now that you know some of the core traits of a Capricorn moon, let’s look more closely at how Capricorn moon signs operate when paired with each sun sign of the Zodiac. That’s right--how your moon sign is expressed in your personality is also affected by whatever sun sign you were born under!

In fact, you can look at your moon sign in combination with your sun sign in order to gain a more complete understanding of your personality. But remember: other factors also affect how your personality is expressed too! Like, if you’re a moon in Capricorn woman with an Aries sun sign, your personality will probably look different from a moon in Capricorn man that has a Virgo sun sign. 

In other words, it’s important to look at other aspects of your identity to understand who you are--not just your sun and moon signs!

The traits of the Capricorn moon sign will look a little different depending on which sun sign it’s paired with. Below, we’ll briefly describe the core personality traits of the Capricorn moon sign when it’s paired with each star sign of the Zodiac. 


Aries Sun With Capricorn Moon

An Aries sun/Capricorn moon is known for being a little contradictory: Aries’ fiery sun makes this personality somewhat impulsive and intensely passionate, but the influence of the responsible and serious Capricorn Moon brings Aries’ fierceness back under control. At the end of the day, though, Aries’ intensity can enhance the best Capricorn qualities, making this personality unstoppably driven, reliable, and ambitious. 


Taurus Sun With Capricorn Moon

The Taurus sun/Capricorn moon combo makes for one of the most easy going yet stubborn sign pairings of the Zodiac. Both Taurus and Capricorn want to exist in harmony with themselves and with others, but, if they’re pushed to go against their values and principles, a Taurus sun/Capricorn moon will definitely stand up for what they believe to be right. 


Gemini Sun With Capricorn Moon

When a Gemini sun comes together with a Capricorn moon, you get a personality that’s equipped to succeed at just about anything. Both Gemini and Capricorn are known for their quick wit and analytical mind; coupled with the quintessential Gemini charisma and Capricorn’s well-known ambition, those with this sign combo are likely to captivate any room they walk into.


Cancer Sun With Capricorn Moon

Capricorn’s tendency to be a bit reserved is well-balanced by Cancer’s warmth and empathy in this Sun-Moon pairing. Because Capricorns are known for their intelligence and Cancers for their compassion, a Cancer Sun/Capricorn Moon is likely excellent at giving advice and providing support when someone close to them is in a tough situation. 



A Leo sun/Capricorn moon combo is known for being friendly and outgoing...but they're tough, too. 


Leo Sun With Capricorn Moon

If there’s one thing that Leo and Capricorn have in common, it’s self-assuredness. Leos are confident in their creativity and charisma, and Capricorns are certain of their cleverness. When combined in a Leo sun/Capricorn moon combo, this personality excels at maintaining a sunny demeanor with a tough core, setting good boundaries and building a reputation for total integrity. 


Virgo Sun With Capricorn Moon

A Virgo sun/Capricorn moon makes for perhaps the most self-sufficient and capable sign combo of the Zodiac. Virgo’s intelligence and scrupulousness amplifies Capricorn’s practicality and ambition, setting the stage for a no-nonsense, peacefully simple life. This sign combo is steady and strong, but will have to really work to ensure that self-care and self-compassion make it onto their perfectly curated to-do list. 


Libra Sun With Capricorn Moon

While their natures are very different, a Libra sun with Capricorn moon tends to bring out the best of both signs. Libra’s zest for life can help the Capricorn side of this personality take time to relax, and Capricorn’s drive and ambition can give much-needed direction to sometimes overindulgent Libra. Together, a Libra sun/Capricorn moon is known for good judgement and reliability--and they make for a great coworker, partner, and friend to boot. 


Scorpio Sun With Capricorn Moon

A Scorpio sun/Capricorn moon isn’t interested in winning any popularity contests--this sign combo is all about honesty and remaining true to their principles. Scorpio and Capricorn are both highly ambitious, determined, and shrewd, making this sun-moon sign the most likely to succeed of the entire Zodiac. 



Sagittarius sun/Capricorn moon people tend to be super strategic. 


Sagittarius Sun With Capricorn Moon

Sagittarius sun/Capricorn moon is the ultimate strategist. Both Sagittarius and Capricorn are self-confident, intelligent, practical, and instinctive. This sign combo uses these gifts to relentlessly scrutinize every plan and situation, ensuring that their best-laid plans never go awry. They’re also dedicated to ensuring their social and professional relationships remain healthy and happy. 


Capricorn Sun With Capricorn Moon

This all-Capricorn combo is extra Capricorn: very serious, task-oriented, and unrelenting. A Cap-Cap sign pairing has no time whatsoever for frivolity, focusing all their energy on curating the perfect path to success. Because this sun-moon pairing can be a little heavy at times, it’s healthy for Capricorn sun/Capricorn moons to keep up relationships with people who urge them to take a break and do something fun every now and then. 


Aquarius Sun With Capricorn Moon

Both Aquarius and Capricorn are deep thinkers who feel a deep sense of responsibility. But the Aquarius free spiritedness and unconventionality may be tempered a bit by Capricorn’s rigid and reserved nature. What’s certain is that this sun-moon combo lets their principles be their guide, and they won’t be swayed from following their self-determined path in life. 


Pisces Sun With Capricorn Moon

Capricorn brings needed confidence to Pisces’ emotional sensitivity in this sun-moon combo. A Pisces sun with Capricorn moon will be guided by both a strong sense of purpose and natural intuition, but may have a hard time letting go of Pisces’ need to please others. If you’re a moon in Capricorn woman with Pisces sun sign, this struggle may be especially real. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to minimize yourself to make others feel big--and that’s where the Capricorn confidence and ambition can come in pretty handy for this sign combo. 




What’s Next? 

If you’re curious about what it means to be a Capricorn sun sign, this guide will teach you what you need to know. 

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Many people use the Zodiac as a way to understand their personalities better. If you’re interested in learning even more about yourself, be sure to figure out your Enneagram number, too. 


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